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Laboratory, mining, engineering agricultural and aquaculture supply

Ecotao Enterprises is a specialist equipment supplier for many businesses: industry, agriculture (including aquaculture and forestry), engineering and environmental science. We deliver throughout South Africa and neighboring countries.

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We are based in Cape Town. This website is a bit old but still functional. A new site is under development.

We have moved “Feed” equipment as a subcategory of Agriculture, as it it this industry that we serve and raised “Biosecurity” as a major category due to the corona virus outbreak of 2020.

We supply testing meters and

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Please contact me at or 0823903989 for further details or requests.

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equipment for laboratories, aquaculture operations, processing plants, feed mills, mines, universities, research organizations etc.

Our range includes laboratory equipment, ice making equipment (flake ice), air blowers, and water-related equipment such as, pumps, PVC valves, ozone water treatment and reverse osmosis.

Our main customers have been engineering businesses, universities, mines, laboratories and aquaculture facilities. We also supply bio-remediation products (probiotics). This site provides a basic catalog of our products. We can offer equipment solutions to meet the testing, monitoring and compliance (inspection) needs of your business. You will find an assortment of products for industrial, mining and laboratory use. We offer equipment for use in HACCP processing plants and for ice production. Our water-related focus serves the mariculture and aquaculture industries.

As a manufacturing capability, we provide wedge wire, laser cutting, welded mesh, steel punching and tube bending services.

The needs of many industries, in term of equipment overlap, so our same manufacturers and suppliers provide a range of equipment suited to many industries and applications. For example, some of the equipment we sell is also used in the fields of limnology, oceanography and hydrobiology. Pumping and water movement is integral to aquaculture, so we had a good range of related products and many available brands  including pumps and specialist valves.

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Specialty equipment supplier

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Telephone: 021-911 5835 |  Cellular: 0823903989
We deliver throughout South Africa and neighboring countries.

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