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Soil & weather station
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Agricultural soil and weather station

This weather station measures:

Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Atmosphere Temperature
Atmosphere Humidity
Atmosphere Pressure
Soil Temperature
Soil Humidity
Solar Radiation
Ultraviolet Intensity
Light Intensity


Large capacity data storage, can store more than one year of continuous meteorological data. RS485 interface, customers could customized  USB,TCP/IP,GPRS, wireless (Zigbee) and so on communication way together  with meteorological computer consist of meteorological monitoring  system. Powerful PC software for remote monitoring and meteorological data processing and analysis. System monitoring software can monitor the status of the entire system.

Communication: Stardand RS485 , optional USB, RJ45, GPRS, wireless data transceiver. Power: DC9~36VDC, 100~240VAC (optional), Solar Battery (optional).




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