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Air supply
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Air supply equipment for pressure and vacuum applications

We have a range of products for air supply:

Larger air blowers

Silent 220 volt ring blower (side channel blower, regenerative blower)

ring-blower-sA wide range of ring blower capacities (single phase, 220 volt and 3 phase, 380 volt models) are in stock. These blowers require no maintenance and do not use oil. (Air filters and diffusers require maintenance). Air deliveries from 0.6 m3/min to 2000m3/hour are available. In terms of kilowatts these range from 0.15 Kw to 30 Kw. Pressure delivery as mm H20 (milliliters of water head) ranges from 500 mm to 10,000mm (50mbar to 1,000 mbar) pressure range. These blowers can be used in pressure and vacuum applications.

Download Adobe pdf model specification and selection sheet for general use side channel (ring) blowers.

For more demanding blower specifications (air volume and pressure/vacuum), see the various blower curves.

See guideline prices of common regenerative blowers.



More on ring air blowers . . .

Positive displacement blowers

For even higher pressures and volumes, we can offer roots type PD blowers. Please enquire for models available.

Small tank blowers: Diaphragm type air pumps

airpumpDiaphrgm type air pumps deliver lower air volumes than the ring blowers. A 0.18 kW ring blower delivers up to 0.8 m3 per minute (48 m3 per hour), while the 220 volt diaphragm air pumps deliver between 10 and 200 litres per minute (0.6 to 12 m3 per hour).

We supply the Hailea ACO models and Waterfall LP100 blowers.



Air pumps from Hailea are cheap, reliable piston style diaphragm air compressor with multi-outlet manifolds.


These blowers deliver good pressures, so simply select the airflow you need and the depth of your system off the blower curve.


When calculating pressure requirements, allow for pond or tank depth, altitude and friction losses in pipes, fittings and diffusers.

12 Volt portable air pumps

  • air-portable12voltThese powerful battery driven 12 volt air pumps run off a 12 volt battery, delivering up to 1 Bar pressure making these good low volume high pressure blowers (below compressor range).
  • Models from 25 to 130 watt power consumption
  • Air flow maximums from 60 to 130 LPM (Liter per minute)
  • Long life diaphragm
  • Silent running



Battery operated air pump

Small air pumps running off 1.5v batteries and running one airstone, suitable for a 20 litre bucket or other portable container.

Unit conversions

For air pressure units conversion, see


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