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Aquaponic tanks
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Aquaponics tanks

Grow bed options


The above grow beds are manufactured out of rotationally moulded UV stabilised LLDPE which is food safe and wont leech BPA into your system water.

The beds can be used as DWC beds, gravel beds, or wicking beds and nest neatly into each other for minimizing space during transport. There are ridges along the sides and a strong flange around the top to be able to accommodate a support frame.

Made in South Africa, so delivery can be quick and there are many colour options.

LLDPE tank #405 dimensions



LLDPE tank #405 dimensions



Fibreglass tanks

Modular tanks allow for cost effective transport to site

Broodstock and nursery tanks

Broodstock & nursery tanks

Divided broodstock tanks are ideal for tilapia and carry 2 males and 8 females per segment, for a total of 80 broodstock. It can be suppled with or without the floor. Their volume is 10 cubic meters.

The smaller 5m3 tank can be used as a nursery tank.

Growout tanks

growout tanks

The smaller tank is 2.4m3 and the larger is 10m3.

growout tanks15m3

The above two tanks are 15m3 and 20m3 fiberglass tanks that can be supplied with or without the floor.

growout tanks58m3

The above two tanks are 29m3 and 58m3 fiberglass tanks that can be supplied with or without the floor. After the initial investment, the tanks give over a decade of service. Bottom and side drains can be added on request.

Other fiberglass tanks

sump-swirl tanks

Plain 5.7m3 tanks and swirl-type tanks with a sloped base are additional options.


More fiberglass media beds, deep water culture troughs, fish tanks and filters



media bed 1200x600x300mm
Media bed, 1200x600x300mm
deep water culture bed1200x1200x400mm
Deep water culture bed1200x1200x400mm


media bed 2500x1200x250mm
Media bed 2500x1200x250mm. Beds stack for easy transport.

Media beds, 1800x800x300mm

Media beds, 5000x1200x300mm

Round tanks

3600 liter fiberglass tank

2000mm diameter, 1400mm high

1000 liter Cone Bottom Tanks

1330mm diameter, 1100mm high.

Suitable for fish and may be used as a swirl or radial flow filter.

conical tank swirl filter




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