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Microscope tools
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Microscope tools, measuring instruments

Sedgewick rafter counting cell


R1499.00 excluding VAT

Delivery R230.00 excluding VAT


The Sedgewick Rafter chamber is constructed as a flat slide (76mm x 40mm) onto which is cemented a 'wall' to form a chamber or cell in the middle. This chamber is 50mm long x 20mm wide and 1mm deep and its base is marked with a grid of 100 x 1mm squares. When filled with liquid and with a cover glass placed over the chamber a 1ml volume of liquid is trapped. When used under a low magnification light microscope, each of the grid squares equates to 1 microlitre of liquid.

Neubauer hemacytometer (haemacytometer): 4 in stock



Improved Neubauer Hemocytometer (Haemacytometer) Blood Cell Counting Chamber

Cell depth: 0.100 mm. Volume: 0.1 Microliter.
Pattern: Improved Neubauer, 1/400 Square mm.
Size: 79mm*39mm*13mm



High Quality Microscope Stage calibration glass  slide with 0.01MM Micrometer with 4 reticle Measuring Micrometer

R520.00 excluding VAT and delivery

 Slide Size


 X ruler










Super Widefield 10X Microscope Eyepiece with Reticle (30mm)


Magnification Power: 10x
Graduated in: 0.1mm
Overall Reticle: 16mm

Mounting Sizes (in diameter): 23.2mm, 30mm tube



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