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Roots air blowers
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Positive displacement Roots air blowers

impelanEcotao supplies the Eurus and Zhang Gu range of positive displacement blowers

Eurus Blower
zhang gu_logo

To be able to quote properly, please describe your application and advise the altitude, air flow required (m3/h) and and pressure needed at this flow rate (mbar). .

These blowers have a longer life of up to 20 years. There are cases of these blowers running for 40 years with good service maintenance.

A rotary positive blower, also called a positive displacement blower, or PD blower "pushes" a relatively constant volume of the gas from the inlet to the discharge (outlet). Gas is not compressed as in a compressor. The volume of gas the machine pumps is determined by the configuration of the casing and rotating parts.

Flow through a PD blower is constant, irrespective of pressure changes. This is different from a centrifugal compressor that maintains a constant pressure while the flow varies.

Variable speed motors or variable speed drive (VSD)

A VFD can be very effective on a PD machine. The reduction in electrical power consumption is much less than it would be with a dynamic machine (like a fan or centrifugal compressor), but it can still be substantial.

Roots blower parameters

The below graphs illustrate the details you need to consider when selecting your blower.

  • What is the volume of air required (cubic metres per minute, m3/min., lpm or other units);
  • What is the required pressure delivery. There are many units here. In aquaculture this is typically mm Aq (millimetres aqueous water at temperature) or metres of water that the air can discharge at. (Also Bar, Torr,  kgf/cm², ATA, ATM, and for vacuum, mm Hg or millimetres mercury) ;
  • For both of the above you have different sized roots blowers, different rpm (revolutions per minute) of the electric motor and different size motors
roots blower curve positive displacement

From the above curves you can see how for a specific pressure delivery, bigger motors and higher rpm’s are needed as the air volume delivered increases.

Typical pipe sizes and motor sizes



One kgf/cm² = kilogram-force per square meter = 10 metres of water

Due to our international environment there are typically conversions needed such as horsepower to kilowatts; inches to centimetres etc.

Applications and use

Pneumatic conveying of bulk materials

 In suction- or discharge pressure. Machine sizes range from small blowers installed in tank vehicles to very large ones used in pneumatic elevators for vacuum operated ship unloaders. The hourly capacity of such unloading installations is up to 1000 tons at present.


Any aquaculture unit can use these blowers for aeration of ponds, tanks, dames, etc.

Pressurized aeration of basins in sewage treatment plants

Filter flushing blowers in drinking water production plants

Gas boosting blowers rated for internal static pressures of up to 25 bar.

Steel production

Application in direct-reduction plants.

High vacuum boosters

Equipped with special shaft seals.

Conveying of practically all gases

Found in the chemical, petrochemical, and metallurgical industries. Special designs are available to handle aggressive gases. Machines used in both conventional and nuclear power plants comply with the various categories of safety regulations




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