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Prices for air side channel blowers
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Aerator, aeration and blower prices - side channel blower

Generalized and specialized blowers based on air volume and pressure requirements

We supply blowers for general applications, such as aquaculture and more specialized blowers for precise volume and pressure requirements. These blowers are know as side channel or regenerative blowers. Side channel blowers, also known as vacuum pumps or vacuum compressors, can generate significantly higher pressures than industrial fans. However, a side channel blower generates lower air flow than, for example, centrifugal fans.

Please see the blower curve selection of the specialized and wide range of blowers.

Due to rapidly changing exchange rates, most prices are supplied on request

The Rand volatility means for us that prices vary too much to maintain too many prices. Please  email us  for other prices, based on your air volume and pressure requirement.

Blowers in stock

Prices exclude VAT and delivery. Prices exclude air intake filter. Many other blowers are available, as we select your blower for your specification, so please send us your blower requirement.

Pricing is based on current exchange rates compared to the US$. Some stock may be available at lower prices. As guideline prices, we reserve the right to change these prices without notice or correct errors that may occur. Please request a formal quote.

Updated September 2018 - please contact us for current prices.

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The larger blowers are very heavy. For example, the GHBH 7D5 36 2R8 is 80 kg without packaging. There can be some saving if you are prepared to have the goods shipped by sea freight.


Generic blower codes (generalized codes)


Description of Goods



Roots Blower, Outlet: 2, motor: 2HP



Roots Blower, Outlet: 2.5, motor: 3HP



Roots Blower, Outlet: 3, motor: 5HP



Roots Blower, Outlet: 4, motor 7.5HP



Roots Blower, Outlet: 4, motor 10HP



Roots Blower, Outlet: 5, motor 10HP



Roots Blower, Outlet: 5, motor 15HP



Roots Blower, Outlet: 6, motor 15HP



12 volt Mobile Diaphragm Blower



Air Pump, Exhaust Volume: 48L/min, 110V(220V)/1 Phase



Air Pump, Exhaust Volume: 64L/min, 110V(220V)/1 Phase



Air Pump, Exhaust Volume: 80L/min, 110V(220V)/1 Phase



Ring Blower 1 x 1/4HP (0.18KW) x 1 Phase 



Ring Blower 1-1/4 x 1/2HP (0.37KW) x 1 Phase 



Ring Blower 1-1/2 x 1HP (0.74KW) x 1 Phase



Ring Blower 2 x 2HP (1.50KW) x 1 Phase



Ring Blower 1 x 1/4HP (0.18KW) x 3 Phase 



Ring Blower 1-1/4 x 1/2HP (0.37KW) x 3 Phase



Ring Blower 1-1/2 x 1HP (0.74KW) x 3 Phase



Ring Blower 2 x 2HP (1.5KW) x 3 Phase



Ring Blower 2 x 3HP (2.2KW) x 3 Phase



Ring Blower 2 x 5HP (3.7KW) x 3 Phase



Ring Blower 1-1/2 x 7.5HP (5.5KW) x 3 Phase



Ring Blower 1-1/2 x 10HP (7.5KW) x 3 Phase



Ring Blower 4 x 15HP (11KW) x 3 Phase



Ring Blower 4 x 20HP (15KW) x 3 Phase


Remarks: (1) Roots Blower delivery in Wooden Case, Wooden Case fee charged separately.

Side-channel blowers are assembled on order, as motors that do not run accumulate moisture from humidity and bearings are designed to run. These blowers also go by the name of ring blowers, regenerative blowers, vortex blowers and also have a vacuum application.

Applications for regenerative or side channel blowers

  • Grain elevators.
  • Textile fiber collections
  • Paper industry
  • Sewage treatments
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Diesel burning
  • Pulp industry
  • Class manufacturing
  • Ice manufacturing
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Fishery industry


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