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Wilo submersible pumps
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Borehole pump selection guide

Calculate your volume requirement as cubic metres per hour, based on how much water you need each day. Next, establish the head in meters that you will pump. From this, we can determine which pump will suit your needs.

Open the following pdf file in a new window:

Submersible pumps, systems and accessories for raw water intake, water distribution, water treatment, desalination and agriculture

Water-supply unit with submersible - motor pump, control and complete accessories.


Water-supply units for

  • Water supply from boreholes, wells and rainwater storage
  • Domestic water supply, sprinkling and irrigation
  • For pumping water  - motor pump, control and complete accessories.
  • Water-supply unit for self-sufficient water supply in the domestic sector such as:
    • Washing machines
    • Garden sprinkling
    • Transferring by pumping and filling
    • Taps for process water
  • Pumping from wells, rainwater storage tanks and vessels
  • Irrigation, sprinkling or pumping out
  • Rainwater utilisation





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