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Side channel blowers
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Side channel (regenerative) blowers

Side channel blowers (also called ring blowers, regenerative blowers and sometimes even turbine blowers) are the first choice for applications requiring large volumes of clean, dry air at low pressures and vacuums. These blowers are also called regenerative blowers. Side channel blowers can also function as vacuum pumps or vacuum blowers, can generate significantly higher pressures than industrial fans. They are used for both vacuum and pressure applications. A side channel blower generates lower air flow than, for example, centrifugal fans, but delivers over a wide air pressure range. The are a low noise choice (compared to positive displacement blowers).

Factors to consider for blower selection are mainly on the discharge side include outlet pipe diameter and distance, bends and elbows, application (such as medium viscosity (e.g. water) & depth), altitude and air release nozzles or release mechanism.

On the intake side, blocked air filters can affect the blower delivery.

Blower curves for selection of a blower for your application

Pressure/vacuum and volume range

Blowers up to 200 mbar and 100 m3 per hour

Blowers in this range are from 0.25 to 0.7 kilowatt, the smallest of this specialized range.

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The GHBH2R2 with a 0.7kw motor, delivers air to an operating pressure of 2 meter water depth (200 mbar, 20 kPa, 2.9 PSI), making this a versatile general purpose small blower. It will deliver over 25m3/hour at 200 mbar. In stock: November 2013.

The GHBH1R1 with a 0.25kw motor is our smallest blower, but still manages to deliver nearly 30 cubic meters per hour at a water depth of 1 meter (100mbar, 10 kPa). In stock: June 2018.

GHBH1R1 side channel blower curve

Blowers up to 250 mbar and 300 m3 per hour

Blowers in this range start at 0.37 kilowatt, up to 2.2 kilowatt. Aqueous applications up to two meters of water. 180 m3 per hour = 3 cubic meters per minute.

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200 mbar is equivalent to 2 meters of water pressure, 2.9 PSI (pounds per square inch) and 2 Newtons per square centimeter.



Blowers up to 250 mbar and 120 m3 per hour

Blowers from 0.55 to 1.3 kilowatt.

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The GHBH2R3, with a 0.85 kilowatt motor is another economical blower for air delivery at 2 meters of water and some allowance for additional friction losses. It will deliver 90 m3/h at 150 mbar (1.5 meters water) and over 75 m3/h at 200 mbar. In stock: November 2013.


Blowers up to 300 mbar and 150 m3 per hour

Blowers from 0.6 to 2.2 kilowatt.

Click to enlargeGHBH2R4-AR4-1R4-CR4

The GHBH2R4 blower can deliver for example 60 m3 per hour or 1000 liter per minute to a depth of 3 meters of water (300 mbar). With the 2.2 kw motor it delivers air to 400 mbar, while with a 1.5 kw motor, its operating pressure is to over 200 mbar. It delivers 90 m3/h at 200 mbar of pressure (1.5 cun=bic meters per minute. This blower is selected with a 1.5 kw motor to deliver air at 2 meters of water and still allow for some additional friction losses. In stock: November 2013.

Blowers up to 450 mbar and 250 m3 per hour

Blowers from 0.85 to 4 kilowatt.

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The GHBH2R5 delivers about 100 cubic meter per hour at 350 kilopascals (kPa) (0.35 bar). This is 11.7 feet of water or 5 pounds per square inch (PSI).


Blowers up to 250 mbar and 350 m3 per hour

Blowers from 1.6 to 3 kilowatt.

Click to enlargeGHBH-AR6-1R6

The GHBH1R6 with a 2.2kw motor, delivers well over 100 m3 per hour of air at 2 meters of water (200 mbar, 20 kPa). In stock: November 2013.

Blowers up to 500 mbar and 500 m3 per hour

Blowers from 1.5 to 7.5 kilowatt.

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The GHBH2R7 will delivery over 250 m3/h at 200mbar and about 225 m3/h at 200 mbar, so maintaining its pressure delivery and air volume very well over a wide range of pressures. In stock: November 2013.

The GHBH2R2 can deliver 200 m3/h to almost 40000 newtons per square meter (0.4kg / cm2) (400 cm water) (0.4 bar). Blowers should not be selected on the pressure extremes, as they depend on air flow for cooling.



Blowers up to 600 mbar and 900 m3 per hour

Blowers from 4 to 15 kilowatt.

Click to enlargeGHBH-BR8-AR8-2R8-1R8

The GHBH2R8 with a 15 kw motor can run at 600 mbar (0.6 tons(UK)/foot2) (0.63 tons(US)/foot 2) and deliver almost 250 m3/h. This is a specialized, high pressure range, not achieved by many side channel blowers.


Blowers up to 600 mbar and 2000 m3 per hour

Blowers from 8.5 to 25 kilowatt.

Click to enlargeGHBHBW9-BR9-AR9-2R9-1R9

The GHBH BW9 can deliver 1500 m3/h at over 200 mbar, putting it in a highly specialized blower range.

The GHBH 2R9 delivers 800 m3/h to over 400 mbar (11.8 inches of mercury, 13.4 feet of water, 300 mm mercury ('mm of mercury' are also known as 'torrs')).


Blowers up to 1000 mbar and 150 m3 per hour

Side channel (regenerative) blowers from 0.81 to 7.5 kilowatt.

Click to enlargeGHBG-3R6-2R6-2R5-2R4-2R3-2R3



The various conversions are from the site,

millibars [= hPa]
pascals [Pa]
kilopascals [kPa]
megapascals [MPa]
inches of water
mm of water
inches of mercury
mm of mercury
feet of water
kg / cm2
pound/inch2 [psi]



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