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Wedge wire
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Wedge wire

As a product with numerous specialized applications, we can supply or produce wedge wire products in SS430, SS302, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L materials. These are available from 0.01mm (10 Micron) up to 15mm (1500 micron) and with with flanges, end rings or BSP threads. As well as standard sock products, we can produce wedge wire products according to specification or drawings.

Wedge wire products are available as:wedge-wire-screen-1

  • Flat sheets or panels
  • Sieve Bends
  • Vibrating and static panels with or without a flat bar frame. Vibrator screens are widely used.
  • Poly Wedge Panels
  • Baskets such as
    • VM series;
    • FC  series;
    • H series;
    • SCC series;
    • HSG series and
    • TLL series as well as the 
    • Scraper, Scraper Hub,
    • Scraper drum cover,
    • Scraper drum studs and
    • Base of spoke for the FC and H series,
    • Intertank / Interstage Cylinders

Baskets are balanced using  specialized equipment.


Mining, as profile wire screens used in mining, recycling and mineral processing

Wedge wire mineral processing and recycling screens have over the years  become synonymous throughout the mineral processing, recycling and  aggregate industries worldwide, being recognised for its incomparable  screening properties for high volume separation and classification, with the ability to cope amongst abrasive materials and heavy duty  applications.

Sieve Bends

You can use a stainless steel sieve screen in mineral  processing plants for coal, potash, taconite, sand, gravel etc..


Wedge wire screens are used in the agricultural industry. Among  these industrial profile screens are sieve bends, flat panels and  cylinders used in screw presses.

  • Primary agricultural uses for wedge wire screens:
    Feed screening
  • Feed recovery
  • Manure separation

Wedge Wire Screens for Waste Water and water treatment


Primary wastewater uses for wedge wire screens:

  • Solids removal from process wastewater
  • Process wastewater/sewage treatment
  • Water diversion, keep trash out of rivers, streams, sewers, fountains, etc.
  • Fruit and vegetable wastewater processing

Food Processing and beverage applications

Our wedge wire screens are used in various food processing applications as well as for the dewatering of waste  water in meat, poultry and vegetable processing industries.

Chemical Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Applications

Wedge wire is used for the manufacture of paints, resins, inks, dyes, drugs, chemicals and petrochemicals

Industrial applications

Wedge Wire materials are used throughout the paper/pulp, glass, plastics/rubber recycling,  packaging and agricultural industries.


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