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Conversion tools & factors
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Various unit conversion tools

Many different pressure and other units are bandied about internationally. Here are some conversion tools to concert from one unit of measurement to another.

Pressure conversion

Note that some older units may report in ATA. This is equivalent to ATM.



Conversion tools

Conversion tools . . .


Imperial fractions to millimetres

What about those fractions of an inch. What are they in millimeters?


Select the conversion units that interest you


Pick the conversion you need
(try alphabetical units list if in doubt)

    * Mass and Weight Conversion
      Metric conversion, Avoirdupois (U.S.), Troy, Apothecaries, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, old French, old Russian, ancient Greek and Roman, Biblical, etc.
    * Distance and Length Conversion
      Metric conversion, British Imperial and U.S., old Russian, old French, old Spanish, Japanese, Thai, ancient Greek and Roman, nautical, typographical, astronomical, etc.
    * Capacity and Volume Conversion
      Metric conversion, U.S., British Imperial, Japanese, Thai, old French, old Russian, ancient Roman, Biblical, etc.
    * Area
      Metric conversion, British and U.S., Japanese, Chinese, Thai, old French, old Spanish, old Russian, etc.

    * Temperature
      Temperature unit conversions: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Reaumur, Rankine
    * Weight to Volume Conversion new!
      Unique conversion from weight to volume and vica versa for over 400 various substances. Both metric and U.S. units are available.
    * Cooking Conversion
      Convert between U.S. and European (metric conversion). Typical kitchen units of weight and volume for various cooking ingredients.
    * Fuel Economy
      Convert fuel economy units: Miles per gallon, Litres per 100 kilometers, etc.

    * Speed
      Metric Conversion, British and U.S., nautical, etc.
      For runners: convert "minutes per mile" to "miles per hour", etc.
    * Acceleration
      Metric units, British and U.S., car performance, free fall acceleration on Earth, moon, Mars and Venusetc.
    * Time
      Gregorian year, Julian year, syderic year, synodic month, syderic month, etc.
    * Pressure and Stress
      Metric Conversion, British and U.S., mercury, atmosphere, etc.
    * Circular Measure
      Conversions for degrees, radians, minutes, nautical, artillery, etc.
    * Energy and Work
      International (SI), British and U.S. TNT energy equivalents, etc.

    * Power
      International (SI), common units (horsepower, etc.), British and American.
    * Torque
      International (SI), British and American.
    * Volumetric flow rate
      Flow rate units conversions based on volume. Not to make the list of units too long, only most used units are included. Other units can be added if needed, feel free to suggest.
    * Mass flow rate
      Conversions of flow rate (transfer rate) units based on mass.
    * Fractions and Percent
      Dozen, baker's dozen, gross, percent, permille, ppm, fractions, etc.
    * Computer Storage
      Bits, bytes, megabytes, etc.
    * Data Transfer Rate
      Computer and the Internet connection speed conversion, various common connection methods and protocols (KB/s, baud, ADSL, GPRS, minutes per MB, etc.)
    * Currency Conversion
      World currency rates


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