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Eurus positive displacment blowers have three model ranges, ZG, ZZ & MB.

The ZG. ZZ and MB series have a maximum pressure of 1.03Bar. On the vacuum sie the ZG and MB can achieve -508mbar while the ZZ maximum is -542mbar.

Air delivery, aeration and vacuum equipment

We have a range of products for air supply:

ZG series is a tri-lobed blowers, while the ZZ & MB has a two lobe rotor (bi-lobe).

Roots blowers (positive displacement blowers (PD)) with a versatile configuration.

ZG and MB are replacements for Duroflow and RAM/RCS models.

ZZ series blowers are drop-in replacements for Roots URAI, Sutobilt Legend and Tuthill Competitor Models

ZG & MB maximum air flow is 112m3/min and ZZ blowers, 66.5m3/min

ZG & MB have dual splash lubrication, while the ZZ has oil lubricated gear side and grease lubricated drive side.

Oversized Bearings allow longer life and lower noise (double row angular contact ball bearings for positive rotor placement).

ZG & MB series have piston ring air seals.

One-piece, ductile iron, dynamically balanced rotors for smooth operation.

Numerous models within each range

ZG Series
Three-lobe Positive Displacement Blower
& Vacuum Pumps. Models, ZG50, ZG65, ZG80, ZG100, ZG 125, ZG150, ZG200, ZG250.

Precision helical timing gears: precision ground helical timing gears maintain interlobe clearance with reduced noise.

Multi-piston ring oil/air seals: long life piston ring seals provide double protection against oil or air/gas leaks.

One piece ductile iron rotors: Low noise tri-lobe rotors, dynamically balanced for smooth operation.

ZG positive displacement blower

ZG series positive displacement blower performance data

Ecotao will advise on and select an air blower according to your specific need and application.

ZG roots blower performance data
Models: ZG-50, ZG-65, ZG-80, ZG-100:
Air flow capacity, pressure delivery & motor size specification.
ZG blower specification
ZG roots blower performance data
Models: ZG-125, ZG-150, ZG-175, ZG-200, ZG-250.
Air flow capacity, pressure delivery & motor size specification.
ZG blower specification: Air flow capacity, pressure delivery & motor size specification.
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