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Low pressure fan & blowers
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Low and intermediate pressure fan type blowers

Fans and blowers with low pressure capacities include centrifugal fans, axial fans, extractor (extraction) fans and portable fans

Centrifugal blowers

centrifugal-blowerMulti-vane, low noise blast blowers deliver high volumes at moderate pressures. It is a centrifugal blower used in industrial applications such as for plastic machinery, underground facilities for cooling, temperature control and ventilation, the paper and paint industry etc.

Note 10,000 Pa = 100mbar, 0.1Bar, 1.45PSI








Aluminium centrifugal fans

aluminium-centrifugal-fanDescription: Aluminium blower
VOLUME: Ranges from 720m3/hr to 2000m3/hr
PRESSURE: Ranges from 1880Pa to 2960Pa
POWER: Between 0,37Kw and 2,2Kw
VOLTAGE: Available in 220V and 380V





Centrifugal fans with some pressure capacity


Description: High pressure centrifugal fan
SIZES: Ranges from 400mm to 630mm
VOLUME: Ranges from 1704m3/hr to 6978m3/hr
PRESSURE: Between 3250Pa to 8140Pa
POWER: Between 3Kw and 30Kw
VOLTAGE: Available in 380V only




Single phase centrifugal fans

standard centrifugal fanDescription: Small centrifugal fans
SIZES: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm
VOLUME: Ranges from 510m3/hr to 2000m3/hr
PRESSURE: Between 310Pa and 600Pa
POWER: Between 0173w and 830w
VOLTAGE: Available in 220V only





inflatable blowers

CN-220V-680WaFor some applications, low pressure, medium volume delivery is needed. An example is blowers for inflatable jumping castles, advertisements, slides, pools, boats, advertising balloons etc. Other applications would be for example aerating compost heaps.






Typical Pressure delivery for jumping castle blowers


Jumping castle blowers are low pressure, high volume blowers.


Forward curved centrifugal fans

forward-curved-centrifugal fan blowerDescription: Forward curved Centrifugal fans
SIZES: Ranges from 150mm to 350mm
VOLUME: Ranges from 900m3/hr – 4831m3/hr
PRESSURE: Between 750Pa and 867Pa
POWER: Between 0,37Kw and 3Kw
VOLTAGE: Available in 380V only





Forward curved centrifugal fans

forward-curved-square-centrifugal fan blowerDescription: Forward curved square Centrifugal fans
SIZES: 400mm, 560mm and 630mm
VOLUME: Ranges from 8800m3/hr to 25500m3/hr
PRESSURE: Between 1300Pa and 1475Pa
POWER: Between 5,5Kw and 15Kw
VOLTAGE: Available in 380V only





Backward incline centrifugal fan

backward-incline-centrifugal-fanDescription: Backward incline centrifugal fans
SIZES: Ranges from 355mm to 710mm
VOLUME: Ranges from 4105m3/hr to 15300m3/hr
PRESSURE: Between 1521Pa and 3415Pa
POWER: Between 3Kw and 18,5Kw
VOLTAGE: Available in 380V only








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