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These items were in stock when this page was uploaded (February 2017).


Ambu® Perfit Extrication Collar

This one-piece cervical spine immobilization device assists with the maintenance of neutral alignment during transport and routine patient care. Features include an extra large trachea opening, nasal cannula holders on the collar body (except infant size), and a flip chin piece for easy airway access. The collar is x-ray, CT, and MRI compatible and stores completely flat.


R297 excluding VAT





CALIPERS, STAINLESS, VERNIER: Measuring capacity: 6”/150 mm. Overall length: 8”. Jaw length: 1-9/16”. Accuracy: Lower Scale, 0.001”; Upper Scale, 0.05mm. For outside, inside, and depth measurements. Cam lock.


R820 excluding VAT








hand-held 10x single lens magnifier and support equipment create an effective system for observing a variety of materials. Specimens can be focused, scanned from side to side, moved up and down, and rotated using just one hand. Swivel clamp holds flowers, leaves, and insects for easy viewing. Unique plexiglass viewing chambers can be used to hold water, soil, plant material, even small insects such as flies and aphids.


R645 excluding VAT



R890.00 excluding VAT

Remaining stock: many available

Scarecrow = Motion Activated Water Sprinkler. Great fun too.

Detects animals day and night.

Keep cats, dogs, large birds, and other animals out of off-limits areas. Silently senses movement and then blasts water for 3 seconds. Animals leave the area and avoid it in the future. After waiting seven seconds, sprinkler is ready for next intruder. Uses 2 to 3 cups of water per deterrence. Water is sprayed only over area to be protected. Easy to install, move, and store. Uses one 9-volt battery.



Pocket Penetrometer

Measures the compressive strength of soil easily.


R1202 excluding VAT

Adapter foot R431

Excluding VAT


Spring-operated penetrometer is used to measure compressive strength of soil by pushing a ground and polished 1/4” diameter loading piston into soil to a depth of 0.25”. End area is 0.05 square inch. Compressive load in tons per square foot or kg per square cm is indicated by reading scale on piston barrel. Maximum reading reach is shown by friction ring. Made of anodized aluminum. Allen wrench and plastic carrying case with belt loop are included. 6-1/4” Long.


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