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Povidone iodine
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Iodine products

Iodine-based Fish Farming Disinfectant

For the disinfection of eyed and newly stripped, non-hardened fish eggs,
Iodine based, effective against IPN/EGTVED, viruses, bacteria and fungi,
Neutral pH, allows disinfection without harming the eggs,
Colour coded to indicate germicidal activity

Neutral pH, allows disinfection without harming eggs. Effective against many fungi & bacteria (including furunculosis). The colour of the solution indicates germicidal activity, amber solutions are active,  while pale yellow or colourless solutions are less effective & must be replaced. It is biodegradable, stable & safe in use. Patented formulation.



Make a solution of 10:1000 parts water (100 ml per 10 litres water).

Place eggs in solution for 10 minutes. After treatment eggs must be washed gently four or five times in clean fresh water & placed in trays.


Dissolve 9 parts sodium chloride (edible quality salt) in 1000 parts of water & add 10 parts

iodine solution (90 g sodium chloride & 100 ml Iodine solution per 10 litres). Mix thoroughly.

Wash the milt from the fertilized eggs with a solution of 9 parts sodium chloride to 1000 parts  water (90 g per 10 litres) until the eggs are clean. Immerse eggs in the prepared solution of iodine for a period of 10 minutes.

After above treatment, the eggs must be washed gently four or five times in a solution of 9 parts sodium chloride to 1000 parts water (90 g per 10 litres).

Place eggs in trays of clean fresh water.

Mixed solutions should be used at once. Even the most dilute solutions are extremely toxic to fish. All egg washings should be poured into drains and not into watercourses leading to Fish Farms or streams. The product has a 2 year shelf life, however, we recommend that it is not kept for more than one year. Fresh supplies should be obtained each season. Product from the previous season can be used for disinfecting equipment & tools.

Povidone Iodine, 10%

This product is an FDA low-enforcement priority fish egg disinfectant that works well when applied to the egg surface of salmonids. It is effective against a wide variety of fungi, viruses and bacteria. 1% minimum titratable iodine.

(Egg surface disinfectant: 100 ppm for 10 min during or after water hardening)

PVP-Iodine is used in both human and veterinary medicine to kill on contact a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and yeasts. It has also been shown to be effective in controlling some insects. There has been no reported microbial resistance to PVP-Iodine. At the same time, PVP-Iodine is safer and easier to use than classic iodine preparations and has low systemic toxicity.

PVP-I has killing effect on bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa,  common bacteria for in vitro experiments on the clinical, almost kill  bacterias. In vitro experiment of common bacteria in clinical, almost no bacteria can't be killed.

Antimicrobial spectrum: Povidone - iodine against many gram - positive  and - negative bacteria, spore, fungi, escherichia coli, dysentery  bacillus, terads, bacillus subtilis, proteus, pseudomonas aeruginosa,  neisseria gonorrhoeae, Aeromonas malt false single bacteria,  citrobacter, diphtheroid bacillus ,Wrapping bacili, Bacillus anthracoides, candida albicans, flagellates and chlamydia.


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