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Air blower parts and accessories

We supply a range of air blower accessories. Some, such as intake filters are essential. Others, such as filter barrels would be used in vacuum applications.

Side channel blower accessories

We have a range of regenerative blower accessories:

Silencers and mufflers

These fit directly onto the inlet or outlet of the regenertive blower and gretly reduce the noise leve produced by the blower. It created minimal restriction on the blower air flow.  The air blower silencers have a threaded connection for easy fitment.

Goorui muffler/silencer
GOORUI Muffler Silencer

Air blower filter barrels

The air blower filter barrel is suited to in-line vacuum applications. The air blower filter barrels have a threaded connection for easy fitment. The barrel contains a replaceable filter and the barrel housing can handle the vacuum pressure when on the intake for a air vacuum application.

Air filter barrel
GOORUI Filter barrel
Air filter barrel
Air filter barrel for vacuum applications

Air blower intake filters

The air blower intake filter is an essential accessory so as to exclude and prevent insects, dust, seeds etc. getting sucked into the impeller. The intake suction is significant and strong enough to suck in a small animal. The air intake filter is therefore considered essential. The filter needs to be checked and cleaned routinely. The filtration screen is 100 microns and in dusty environments the dust can block the screen and so will need to be cleabed. The filter is washable and can be rinsed in water.

Air blower intake filter
GOORUI air intake filter
GOORUI air intake filter
GOORUI air intake filter

Air blower pressure and vacuum relief valve

The air blower needs to release the volume of air as per its specification and in some cases the amount of air released can be less than its design-specified minimum air flow. This can occur if a down-line air valve is closed or if originally clean diffusers get old and blocked. The pressure (or vacuum) capacity of the blower can also be exceeded for similar reasons as above and if the water gets deeper as examples. Both scenarios - lower air flows and higher pressures are interlinked and will lead to the blower running hot and potentially overheating. It also leads to a higher load on the motor. The higher motor and/or over-heating can lead to the motor burning out. The pressure and vacuum relief valves protect against this.

Using a T‐connector to connect the relief valve on the inlet or outlet pipe, the relief valve can help to release excessive pressure / vacuum to protect the blower from being overloaded.

Operation principle & Construction features:

The relief valve is installed on inlet or outlet of side channel blower.
When the working pressure or pressure surge inside the blowers exceed the rated pressure of side channel blower, the relief valve will be open within 0.2 minutes and the overload pressure will be released from relief valve in order to protect the blower.
When the working pressure reduces to safe value, the valve will be closed slowly. The valve pressure setting is manually adjusted to the specific blower in use.

Below air filters (100 micron):
Material: Steel
Adusting range: 80-800mbar
Application Type: Vacuum/Pressure
Air blower pressure and vacuum relief valve
GOORUI pressure & vacuum relief valve
GOORUI pressure & vacuum relief valve
GOORUI pressure & vacuum relief valve

Air pressure and vacuum gauges

Application Type: Vacuum/Pressure gauges.

The pressure/vacuum gauge is used together with the pressure relief valve to show the blower operating or gauge pressure. This pressure should be below the maximum blower rating.

Pressure gauge

Air blower pressure and vacuum gauges

Vacuum gauge

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