Ice Freezing Equipment

Product ice chilling for quality control

Any food for human consumption and especially seafoods such as fish and shrimp require the product be chilled and the cold chain maintained so as to ensure product quality and the best possible market price.

For this, reliable ice producing equipment is needed. With the world’s largest aquaculture industry, Chinese equipment is well tested and proven in their own markets and industries before the equipment reaches other international markets.

Flake ice machine ready for dispatch to a customer.
Flake ice in production – shoveling out ice using a stainless steel shovel.

The flake ice unit is above the refrigerated ice box.

Products include:

small-flake-ice-machineThe ice flaker evaporator is a key part of the flake ice equipment. Different refrigerants can be used (e.g. R22, R404A, R717). The evaporator is made from special light metal alloys with high heat conductance efficiency.evaporator

The flake ice scraper has a life of up to 8 years.


Flake ice drum


10 ton flake ice machine from ICESTA

Standard Working Condition: Ambient Temp: 25℃, Water Inlet Temp: 16℃
Applicable Condition: Ambient Temp: 5℃-40℃, Water Inlet Temp: 0℃-40℃
Flake Ice Thickness: 1.5-2.2mm
Refrigerant: R22/R404A