Hoses & Pipes

Hoses and pipes for various industrial and agricultural applications

We can supply different type of hose used for air and water transfer. Commonly used hosepipe are the clear and re-enforced pipes. Contact us for your hose requirement.

See the document, hose-options.pdf for available hose types, including layflat hose and food-grade hoses.

INDEX for plastic hoses

Garden Hose
Clear PVC Hose
Clear Reinforced PVC Hose
Blue PVC Fuel Line Hose
Black / Red PVC Airhose
Fire Reel Hose
Orange PVC mining Hose
Blue PVC mining Hose
Green PVC mining Hose
Red Rockdrill Hose
Yellow Heliflex Hose
Green Heliflex Hose
Non Toxic Heliflex Hose
Metallic Grey Ducting Hose
Helisteel PVC Hose
Blue Layflat Hose
PVC Vacuum Hose
Wiremould Ducting Hose
Dragline Hose
Crop Spray 40 Bar – PVC
Air Ducting
Air Ducting – Polyurethane
Air Ducting – High Temperature +100 °C
Air Ducting – High Temperature +120 °C
Air Hose 20 Bar
Air Seeder – PVC
Liquid Suction and Delivery – PVC
Liquid Food Suction and Delivery – PVC
Food-grade hose.

MINING and rubber-type hoses

Black Mining Hose
Green Line Mining Hose
Gold Line Mining Hose
Oil Resistant Mining Hos (Red Line)
Mining Hose (10 Bar)
Mining Hose (20 Bar)
Mine & Slurry S&D Hose
Blue Welding Oxygen Hose
Red Welding Acetylene Hose
LPG – Natural Gas Hose
Air Hose Yellow
Air Hose Blue
Pushloc Hose Black
Pus-loc Hose Grey
Compressed Air & Water
Compressed Air (20 Bar)
Compressed Air (27 Bar)
Compressed Air & Water (Steel Reinforced)
Compressed Air Hose (Steel Reinforced) High Temp
Water Discharge (10 Bar)
Water S&D (10 Bar)
Water S&D (20 Bar)
Hot Water (10 Bar)
Steam Hose (7 Bar)
Steam Hose Hot Water (15 Bar)
Steam Hose High (17 Bar)
Furnace Coolant Hose
Beer and Wine Hose
Milk Tanker Hose
Liquid Food Delivery Hose
Fat Food S&D (10 Bar)
Fat Food S&D (16 Bar)
Wine S&D Hose
Acid & Chemical Green Hose
Acid & Chemical Blue Hose
Cotton Covered Fuel Hose
Reinforced Rubber Fuel Hose
Plain Vacuum Hose
Heater Hose
Radiator Hose
Fuel & Oil S&D Hose (16 Bar)
Fuel & Oil S&D Hose (10 Bar)
Ducting Hose
Pulp and Slurry Hose
Sand and Shotblast Hose
Plaster & Concrete Pumping Hose
Multipurpose Hose
Multipurpose Red Hose