Dipslide Comparator Software Application

DIPSLIDE Comparator App

  • dipslide-appQuick, fast and simple to use
  • Compare dipslide photographs against standards
  • Save, recall, plot & email all logged data
  • Automatically produces graph for analysis
  • Made for Apple and Android
  • App is now available unbranded

Dipslide App

An android app to allow easy comparison of your dipslide images to known standards when using the CASP range of dipslides.

Using smartphone technology, the app allows users to take pictures of their dipslides and catalogue them for separate sample sites, save results in graph format and email results easily.

The app also holds an information page displaying details on dipslide use, dipslide disposal, interpretation of results and more.

Available via the apple and android stores.

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For Apple products and the Lamotte Biopaddles, see


Android Dipslide App

There is also a free “dipslide comparator” to compare agar bacterial growth on dipslides to standard images for results interpretation. Find this on the Google App Play store.