Inline Solar Pumps


Solar surface pump

Solar in-line pump for general applications like swimming pools.

500 watt, 900W and 1200 watt solar pumps are available

48 and 72V surface solar pump

Essential components

Solar water pump

MPPT controller

Solar panels

You can buy solar panels from us or just buy solar water pump and controller .

Solar Water Pump System Complete Set:

1.Solar pump


3.Water level sensor or float switch:10 meter cable

4.Cable for solar panel: 6m

5.Cable connector

6. Solar panels are optional

7. Rope to hang the pump

8. Installation Manual

Features of dc solar swimming pool pump

Use with solar panels and DC24 & DC48 & DC72 battery systems

Water blocked cable connector is impervious to water leakage and condensation

Suction head within 7-8m

Accepts a variety of jacketed cables from your power source

Runs dry without damage temporary

Easily repaired in the field

304 stainless steel pump body for SJET series

Corrosion-proof flow passage component with stainless steel fasteners

Quick disconnect electrical connection

Require to work with a pump control box

MPPT function

Application&Using condition of brushless dc swimming pool pump

1) Apply to swimming pool filtration system water cycle.

2) Pumping clean water or mild sewage with suspended particles. Using Condition of brushless dc swimming pool pump

1) Ambient temperature not higher than 60 degrees.

2) Suction less than 7 meters.

3) The maximum allowable working pressure is less than 6BAR


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