Airforced Incubators

Air forced incubators


Many size options are available for air forced incubators.

There are 2 main types of incubator. Still air and forced air. The difference is simply a fan. In forced air incubators, a fan circulates the air around the incubator which keeps the temperature constant in all parts of the incubator. The temperature can be measured anywhere within the airflow. Air-forced incubatores therefore offer greater temperature stability.

Typical specifications

Air forced 1092 liter incubator up to 70 deg C
Internal : 97.8WX86.4DX191.2H cm
Digital Pid temperature controller + timer
Safety thermostat
True horizontal airflow for excellent uniform
6 Shelves
Interior Outlet : 4
Temperature Range Ambient +8 to 70°C
Temperature Uniformity +/-0.8°C AT 37°C
1650 Watt