Grundfos Hybrid Solar Pumps

Grundfos Hybrid Solar Hybrid Pumps

Grundvos submersible
Grundvos submersible pump

For higher water flow applications, we have the Grundvos hybrid solar pump range. For water head or pumping height ranges of 80m to 150 meters and flow rates of 5000 to 10000 liters per day, the Grundvos pumps are suitable.

For exmple, the GRUNDFOS SQF COMBO2 SOLAR PUMP SYSTEM (80m | 10 000 Litre per day)

The High performance submersible DC/AC Grundfos solar pump combo is ideal for off-grid applications.

Fitted with a Grundfos 1,4kW MSF 3 Motor which offers flexible power range and can operated with either DC or AC power:

The MSF 3 motor has been developed with a view to high reliability which is achieved through the following features:

• carbon/ceramic bearings • excellent starting capabilities • various protection facilities
The protective circuit incorporated in the motor electronic unit
cuts out the pump in case of dry running or similar situations like over
The wide voltage range enables the motor to operate at any voltage
from 30-300 VDC or 90-240 VAC. This makes installation and sizing very
The built-in electronic unit gives the SQFlex system a number of
advantages compared to conventional products. One of these advantages is
the built-in microprocessor with MPPT. Thanks to the MPPT function, the
pump’s duty point is continuously optimised according to the input
power available. MPPT is only available for pumps connected to DC

The flow levels on the Grundfos SQ Flex pump range is flexible dependent the well depth and panel configuration.

When installed in George, South Africa,

Solar module configuration:
Number of solar modules in series: 3, in parallel: 1
Solar array rated power: 0.795 kW
Solar array rated volts: 92.31 V
Sun tracking: No (fixed)
Tilt angle: 33 deg

The pump system performance was as follows:

Annual pump performance
Annual pump performance