Automatic Feeders

LINN-Automatic Fish Feeder

Ideal fish feeder for

  • Fry feeding
  • Feeding of koi and ornamental fish
  • hobby ponds

The special mechanism of the new feeder has been taken from the established Profi Automatic Feeder, a success for many years. This mechanism  ensures that the food is delivered to the fish in the required  quantities, intact, and without dusting. The food is delivered by a  “portioning finger”, which is driven by a 230V geared motor. The feeding rate is about 100g per minute according to the feed quality and size. The feeder can accept feed sizes from fry feed up to 9mm.

The problems and disadvantages of clockwork feeders, where humidity causes  the feed to stick together and go mouldy, are solved. Feeding is  programmed to take place intermittently as required. Thus fish do not  collect below the feeder, as they would below clockwork feeders which  feed continuously. The hopper capacity is 5kg, so can store enough for  several days, and the feed level is visible from outside. For  convenience, the lid is attached by a hinge to the hopper. A  stainless-steel ring cradle (length 25cm) is available as an optional  extra.

A completely new timer control (at the end of the 10 cable) has been  developed for this feeder. This enables feeds to be set to the second.  The clock has been designed to be user-friendly. With a main button and  the buttons “+” or “-“, all feeds can be set quickly and easily. It is  only necessary to set the start and end of feeding, the required number  of feeds, and the total feeding time (minutes or seconds) per day. The  feeding programme is then created automatically! This timer control  offers the convenience of being able to take into account growth of the  fish and raise the feed ration, daily, accordingly.

Profi Automatic Feeder

Until now, feeding fry has been difficult.  Pendulum and vibratory feeders  are not very suitable, due to the small particle size of fry feeds.   Alternatively, clockwork feeders offer an apparent solution.   However,  in the presence of humidity, the feed sticks to the large surface area  of the belt, and fungus grows. Consequently, a lot of labour is  required to keep it running.  In addition, the clockwork mechanism has  to be wound up daily.

The LINN company has solved these problems with the new PROFI Automatic feeder.  The special mechanism of the feeder  ensures that the food is delivered to the fish, intact, without dusting, and in the required quantities.  The ration is dispensed by portioning  fingers, that are operated by a 230v geared motor.  The portion of feed  depends on the feed particle size.  For example, 50g for 0.5mm feed.   The feed quantity is identical with every feed !  It is possible to feed controllably and reliably with this innovation ! The food slides  easily and there are no spaces in which moisture can form.

The  adjustment of the feeding rate is easy with the integral timer, from  intervals of one minute and longer.  So, once the feeder has been  adjusted, it is possible to continue feeding automatically for several  days without any problems.  Changing the feeding intervals is also quick and easy.

There are 2 different models available, according to the feed quantity and particle size:

  • Model 1 for fry feed and smaller amounts of feed.
  • Model 2 for larger feed amounts.

Further details in the table

This new feeding mechanism has been combined with 4 sizes of PE food hopper (10, 20, 40 and 60 kg capacity)

Each feeder comes complete with lid, motor and portioning mechanism, 10m of cable, and plug with digital timer.

Profi electronic feeder


Reliable and automatic feeding of your chosen quantity of feed with the electronic feeder!  The very best for fish breeders and pond owners, and for use with ornamental fish too.


  • suitable for fry feed
  • exact portion size and feed intervals
  • easy adjustment
  • Convenient hopper sizes (10/20/40 or 60 kg)
  • no feed caking (internal mechanism)
  • reliable feeding over several days, no wind-up clockworks mechanisms or similar!

Feeding Rate Capacities

Feed particle size


Profi Automatic
Model 1

Profi Automatic
Model 2

0.3 – 0.5



1.0 – 1.2


















The problems of feeding fry are solved with this equipment. Model 1 for fry feed and smaller amounts of feed and Model 2 for larger feed amounts.