Weighing Scales Balances

Weighing Scales and Balances

Weighing needs are diverse in terms of capacity and precision. The categories of weighing precision start at over 5 grams ans then 1g, 0.1g, 0.01g and continuing down to 0.01 milligrams (0.00001 grams). Weighing capacities range from 50 grams to hundreds of kilograms. We supply two leading weighing scales manufacturer and supplier brands for digital weighing & balance scales, A&D Weighing and Adam Equipment weighing.


See the A&D Weighing page for more information on their

  • Electronic Balances
  • Digital Scales
  • Weighing Indicators and Controllers
  • Load Cells
  • Non-Destructive Measurement Equipment.
A&D FG Series platform scale
A&D FG Series platform scale
Go to the Adams Weighing for more details on their vast range of products.
Adam Solis precision balance
Adam Solis precision balance