Omega centrifugal pumps

centrifugal pump

Omega brand Centrifugal type pumps

We offer a range of different, hard working and robust pumps. Please review the below pump specifications to determine your model to match your needs. We have the Wilo centrifugal range of pumps and a cheaper aquaculture-type-application pump.

Belt driven Pumps

These pumps are available in cast iron and 316 stainless steel!


Direct drive centrifugal pumps


Cast iron direct drive pump specifications:


Booster pumps and accessories

Booster pumps are widely used across many industries.

booster pumps
booster pumps
These pumps generally have a good suction side head (7m) and a water delivery maximum from around 70 to 110 liters per minute. Maximum delivery head is between 35 and 45 meters, depending on the model selected.