Sprayers & Washers

Farm sprayers and washers

See our small pressure sprayers for office use for Covid-19 and general garden and horticulture applications as a humidifier or chemical applicator.

We supply knapsak (backpack) sprayers, power sprayers and pressure washers.

Knapsack or backpack sprayer



  • Stainless steel lance
  • Chemical safe tank*
  • Light weight
  • Double shoulder comfort straps


  • Working range: 0.2-0.3mPa
  • Max pressure of air chamber: 1mPa

This 16 liter capacity sprayer can be carried as a back-pack and also has a handle for easy portability. It can be used as a rose bush humidifier or other liquid applications.



Pressure sprayers

Other smaller sprayer models


2 liter manual sprayer

Model SHS-2L


Buy now – the price includes VAT and delivery to most major city addresses.

Pressure washer & power sprayer

We have petrol driven and electrical pressure washers.

Petrol powered pressure washers

Power sprayer bakkie set mobile fire fighter
Power sprayer bakkie set can be used as a mobile fire fighter or a pressure sprayer. The hose is 50m long. (The model like this on wheels & with the 300 liter tank has been discontinued.)


  • 6.5 HP engine
  • 12 to 15m work radius for spraying
  • Water delivery, 18 to 22 liters per minute

7HP pressure washer on wheeled trolley

Pressure washer on wheeled trolley
Pressure washer on wheeled trolley

This pressure washer has a 4 stroke engine, pneumatic wheels, a heavy-duty frame and comes with 5 sets of nozzles.

Pump Details:

  • Forged brass cylinder
  • Anodized crankcase
  • Ceramic plungers
  • Built-in self suction unloader
  • Pressure adjustable
  • In-line water inlet filter
  • Quick connect outlet

Electrical pressure washers

The electrical pressure sprayers are from the Lavor brand and the Power Plus brand.

Lavor power sprayers

Lavor Wash Ninja 120
Lavor Wash Ninja 120


  • 120 Bar pressure
  • powerful 1700 W motor
  • 369L/H maximum flow
  • Standard Accessories

Product code: LW NINJA 120

Lavor Wash Ninja 145
Lavor Wash Ninja 145
Lavor Wash Ninja 145
  • 145 Bar maximum pressure
  • 1900 W electrical load
  • 420 L/H maximum water consumption
  • Turbo Lance
  • Rotary Brush

Product code: LW NINJA 145

Lavor Wash STM 160 Pressure Washer
Lavor Wash STM 160 Pressure Washer
Lavor Wash STM 160 Pressure Washer
  • 160 Bar pressure capacity
  • 2500 W electrical load requirement
  • 510 L/H maximum water flow
  • Turbo Lance
  • Rotary Brush
  • Washing program system

Product code: LW STM 160 WPS

Power Plus Pressure Sprayers

Power Plus Pressure Washer 1400W


Cable Length: 5m
Hose length: 5m
Max. Pressure: 110 Bar
Liq. Debit (Capacity): 390L/hr
Rated Power (Pn): Max 1400W

Product code; POWXG90405

Power Plus Pressure Washer 1800W


Adjustable Lance
Hose length: 8m
Max. Pressure: 140 Bar
Liq. Debit (Capacity): 420L/hr
Rated Power (Pn): Max 1800W

Product code; POWXG90410

Power Plus Pressure Washer 2500W

Download specification sheet.


Adjustable Lance
Hose length: 8m
Max. Pressure: 195 Bar
Liq. Debit (Capacity): 468L/hr
Rated Power (Pn): Max 2500W

Product code; POWXG90425

Power Plus 2500 watt
Power Plus 2500 watt

Mist duster

Mist dusters are durable, lightweight &  versatile, working off a 42.7cc petrol engine. This makes them ideal for field work and outdoors spraying. They provide hours non-stop use. They feature  corrosion-resistant chemicals tanks. The easy pull start  technology with and easy hand throttle system results in simple  convenient use. They have a compact engine & fan design for easy inspection & maintenance. A strong feature is minimum vibration and low noise for comfort during operation. Their large capacity ensures wide coverage with uniform spray.

See also our leaf blowers.


Included Accessories:

  • Basic toolkit
  • Plastic mixing bottle


  • Chemical safe tank*
  • Trigger grip handle
  • Double shoulder ”comfort” straps
  • Anti-vibration mountings
  • Uniform atomisers