Cooling Baths

Laboratory cooling baths


Low Temperature Cooling Bath 10 Litre (1000 watt)

Low Temperature Cooling Bath 20 Litre (1500 watt)

Download the data sheet for Cooling baths 10 & 20 liter.

304 Stainless Steel baths with built in circulating pump for internal and external pumping (6 & 10 Litre/min.). The insulated bath can be used for experimentation or the medium can be pumped to other equipment.

Temperature range ambient -20°C to +100°C via PID electronic control with digital indication of setpoint and process values. The temperature is sensed with a high accuracy PT100 temperature sensor. At an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature variation at a point is +-0.5C.

Opening dimensions model 170: 200 x 150

Opening dimensions model 175: 250 x 180