Water Purification & Treatment

Water treatment and purification to potable standards

Crop, animal husbandry & aquaculture farms and associated facilities like processing plants are often remotely located and so need to make their own arrangements for the supply of potable water for the staff. Water needed for drinking and washing needs to be safe, clean and healthy. We offer a range of small water purification units that can cater for staff needs on a medium sized farm.

Reverse osmosis under 2000ppm, 2g per liter, 2ppt
Reverse osmosis under 2000ppm, 2g per liter, 2ppt

Product range, potable water

This water handling and treatment product range caters for drinking or potable water produced through reverse osmosis and includes:

  • Micro-computer automated water bottling equipment
  • Bottled water processing equipment
  • Mechanical devices for automated bottle filling lines
  • Automated bottle filling lines
  • Reverse osmosis units
  • Mineral water production plant
  • Pure water production equipment
  • RO (reverse osmosis equipment for farm, processing, companies, schools and general home use
  • Vending equipment
  • Ice cream equipment
  • Bottle molding equipment and machines
  • Accessories

Reverse osmosis system

250m3 per hour RO
500m3 per hour RO
RO 1000ppm 1135lpd
1000 liters per day RO