Virkon S For Poultry

Virkon S is widely used and popular in the poultry industry. See Virkon-S-Commercial-Poultry.pdf for general application and usage guidelines. It is an essential biosecurity tool for any farm.

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Virkon S is applied in the fight against Avian Influenza.

See the draft/sample Virkon S application label.

Broiler and breeder houses

Follow General Instructions to remove poultry and pre-clean area to be treated. Spray floors and walls with Virkon™ S at 1% solution. Thoroughly wash waterers and feeders with a 1% solution of Virkon™ S. After contact for 10 minutes, rinse with potable water. Do not house poultry or use equipment until treatment has dried. (source:

Poultry hatcheries

Virkon™ S at 1% solution can be used for cleaning and disinfecting hatchers, setters, evaporative coolers, humidifying systems, ceiling fans, chicken houses, transfer trucks, trays, and plastic chick boxes. Saturate surfaces with a 1% solution of Virkon™ S with a cloth, mop, mechanical spray, or sponge for a period of 10 minutes. Allow surfaces to air dry. Rinse waterers and feeders with potable water before reuse. (Source: