Milwaukee Meters

These meters cover most water-related industries.

This range has water testing products and instruments for many industries, including aquarium meters, aquaculture, boiler and cooling tower monitoring, laboratory and education, environmental, food and dairy, horticulture and hydroponics, pool and spa, printing and graphics, water purification and treatment and wine making.

Please contact us for your preferred model.

Some of the product range

  • DL100 pH / Temp / Data logging / Wi-Fi Monitor
  • Professional Photometers for Aquaculture
    • Mi405 Ammonia (Medium Range)
    • Mi407 Ammonia (Low Range)
    • Mi408 Iron (High Range)
    • Mi412 Phosphate (Low Range)
    • Mi404 Free & Total Chlorine
    • Mi411 Free & Total Chlorine and pH
    • Mi414 Chloride
    • Mi415Portable Turbidity Meter
  • CO2-ValveCO2 dosing
    • MA957 CO2 Solenoid Diaphram Valve
    • MC122 pH Controller

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