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Common tools for aquaculture management

Many areas of this website cover the requirements and equipment for aquaculture production. Send us your list of requirements and we will select practical and reliable equipment solutions for your aquaculture production system. We stock a wide range of air blowers, EPDM diffusers, air stones, small pumps, micropore diffuser hose and various types of meshes from 10 micron nylon to large aperture HDPE mesh. We also import or have manufactured locally a variety of tanks. Our range of titanium heaters and controllers have serviced industry for decades of proven reliability. Pond aerators – our Aspair (air aspirator aerator) and Splash Air (fountain pump aerator) – are usually in stock.

Water quality testing

We supply the full range of equipment for testing water quality parameters. Contact us for pocket, portable and benchtop models and single parameter and multiparameter water quality testing models. Different applications require or prefer different models and brands suited to different applications and specialities. According to selective requirements, we supply AZ Instruments, Eutech, Extech, Hach, Hanna, Horiba, Milawaukee, Palintest, Sensafe,  XS Insrtuments, YSI brand water quality testing equipment. Each brand has a specific speciality niche of equipment in addition to their overlapping capabilities. Contact us at with your requirement at

Two popular water quality tools are the XS Instruments PC5 pocket tester and the AZ Instrments multiparameter meter.

PC5 Multiparameter meter

See this short video on the PC5 multiparameter meter.

Purchase the PC5 Multiparameter meter at our store.

See the PC5 tester documentation and specifications.

Follow this link for other multiparameter meters in this XS Instruments range.

AZ Instruments multiparameter meter for pH, temperature, oxygen, TDS, EC and salinity

This meter measures key water quality parameters simultaneously off one meter via 3 attached probes – one of pH, one for conductivity (EC), salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature and one for oxygen.

You can purchase this multiparameter meter at our shopping site.

This document covers the 86031 AZ IP67 Combo Water Meter specifications.

See a short video on this product.

Basic tools:


Salinity measurement is easy with various tools such as hydrometers, salinity refractometers and electronic meters.

Some electronic meters allow salinity measurement, but only read to 10 ppt. In marine applications with salinities up to 45 ppt, the meter purchased needs to cover the full range. The below Extech salinity meter can measure to 70 ppt.

Meters for salinity range from multi-parameter meters that read most or all parameters that you wish to test, to simple and affordable meters.


Features: essential tool for salinity

Measure Salinity in aquaculture, environmental studies, ground water, Koi ponds, irrigation, drinking water, and other applications.

Autoranging meter offers 2 ranges of measurement (0-10ppt (0.01) and 10-70ppt(0.1 precision))

Built-in NaCl Conductivity to TDS conversion factor

Large 3-1/2 digit (2000 count) dual LCD

Data Hold, Auto Power Off and Low Battery Indication

Automatic Temperature Compensation

Fixed Temperature Coefficient and Normalization Temperature

One calibration point per range

Waterproof design to withstand wet environment meets IP65 standard

Includes meter with salinity sensor, protective sensor cap, and four LR44 button batteries