Ozone Water Treatment


Various sizes and ozone applications are possible. Please contact us for your customized requirement.

  • Output at sea level is 8gr/hr from Oxygen and 1,8gr/hr from air.
  • Corona Discharge type ozone generator for small water treatment applications.
  • Designed for continuous operation in domestic and light commercial applications with minimal maintenance.
  • All components are of high quality and chosen for their durability and resistance to ozone.
  • The stainless steel housing features a cover that allows the unit to be mounted outdoors in moderately sheltered environments (away from direct sunlight/rainfall).
  • 3 ozone outputs depending on the type of feed gas used:
    • Ambient Air 1.8 Gr/Hr
    • Dry Air 3.1 Gr/Hr
    • Oxygen (95%) 8.0 Gr/Hr

Ozone requirement calculator

Note that iron levels can be highly variable, typically between about 0.001 to 1mg/L.  Manganese is generally very low at around 0.001 mg/L



Basic ozone waste water treatment concept


Ozone modules

Ozone tubes with solid state high voltage power supplies. The ozone tubes are fully ozone resistant, being constructed from Sintered Alumina ceramic, Stainless Steel and Teflon. There are absolutely no glass or nylon parts.

Water level control with ozone

This is a further variation for applications where drinking water is distributed from a water tank. The system features a tank level controller, solenoid valve and timer, all in a water resistant housing. Ozone is dosed for a user determined number of hours per day. This will depend on the size of the tank, consumption and water quality. The tank of treated water will then drain to a low level before refilling and the ozone will run whenever the tank is filling so as to ensure that the water in the tank is disinfected at all times.

Processing and washing water with ozone

We supply inline ozone water treatment equipment for applications such as food processing plants (meat or vegetables), wash rooms, organic waste handling areas, washing machines etc.
Ozone on demand
Domestic water with ozone
Some models of this range of ozone generators are portable.
portable ozone generator
portable ozone generator

See the attached PDF document for more information:

in-line ozone generator-2022