Scientific furnace
Scientific furnace

We offer a range of general purpose laboratory furnaces and on request can also offer specialized furnaces.

We have 9 liter and 30 liter muffle furnaces, 15 liter high temperature furnaces and 5 liter, 7.5 liter and 16 liter volatile and ashing furnaces.

See the furnaces specification sheet: Furnaces – general laboratory use.

Other furnaces

Within the Yamato rage is a selection of furnaces.

We can offer furnaces for specialist applications, such as the Nabertherm range of furnaces for industry, art and crafts, laboratory, dental and process control. Other fields of application for furnaces include fiber optics (glass), thermal process technology for air, gases and vacuums, advanced materials and additive manufacture and foundries.

Essentially, the requirements with respect to the furnace type depend on following factors:
„ Required temperature range
„ Charge dimensions
„ Type of protective or reaction gas
„ Required leak rate of the work space/required surface quality of the charge
„ Safety requirements, i. e. when working under flammable gases
„ Required heating and cooling times
Depending on the process requirements, adapted solutions can be offered for heat treatment, including