Pond Pumps


Pond and tank pumps

We supply small submersible and pond-side, self-priming pumps


Flow pumps

Tiny to small low head pumps, 5 watt to 130 watt and up to 6000 liter per hour. These pumps cannot be used to lift water as the biggest at 130 watt has a water head maximum of 3.8m. See the below pump curves.


PG Koi pumps

Select the 250 watt pump where some water lifting is needed. The PG10000 will deliver about 3000 liters per hour at 7 meters total friction losses (height and pipe friction). The PG28000 will deliver 13000 liters per hour at 4 meters total friction losses. For the wattage and water flows, these are fairly good water delivery heads (H Max).PG Koi pumps

iPG28000 is discontinued. 

PG koi pump curves
PG koi submersible pump curves
PG koi pump range
PG koi pump models

SP mini

These tiny pumps at 5 watt can move water in a tank, but cannot lift water. With a 0.8m head there are water movement pumps.


Submarine pump

Another set of small pumps for low head applications. The biggest in this range is 110 watt and at 2 meters total head, would deliver just over 2000 l/h.


Dragon inverter pump range

The dragon inverter pump is a new and efficient range for low energy consumption.
Dragon pump
Dragon pump
Dragon pump curves
Dragon pump curves
Dragon pump range
Dragon pump models

These pumps are more efficient than the old design.

better pump efficiency
More efficient pump.


Dragonfly Small submersible pumps for 24 hour operation

When selecting a submersible pump be sure to determine if it can run permanently of is not designed for 24 hour operation. The following submersible pumps can run permanently .