eXact Eco-Check Water Test Kit

eXact Eco-Check Water Test Kit


eXact Eco-Check Water Test Kit

Produces lab-quality accuracy at minimal cost!  Developed for pond and aquaria testing, this dual wavelength photometer  automatically selects the optimal wavelength for each test. The patented EZ Reagent Delivery Method offers precise reagent dispersion into  samples without colour matching, drop counting, or tablet crushing.

The  kit includes 25 tests for these parameters:

  • total alkalinity,
  • ammonia, 
  • chloride (salt),
  • free chlorine,
  • total chlorine,
  • copper,
  • total hardness, 
  • nitrate,
  • nitrite,
  • pH in fresh water,
  • pH in salt water, and
  • phosphate. 

Each test has a 0.01 ppm (mg/L) precision. The meter features an  automatic test timer, 220 test memory (saves last 20 tests per menu),  auto calibration, long-life LED’s, a built-in cell, and an IP67  waterproof-rated housing. The kit also includes a mini dilution kit, one mixing cap, one cell cleaning brush, an instruction booklet, and a  plastic carrying case.


Note that although Sensafe website still lists (1/1/2017) DPD1 and DPD3, the Kit is supplied with only DPD4.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 eXact® Eco Check Photometer (486698)
  • 1 DPD-4 Total Chlorine
  • 1 eXact® Strip Micro AL (486641-25) Total Alkalinity
  • 1 eXact® Strip Micro PO4 (486814) Phosphate
  • 1 eXact® Strip Micro pH (486639-25)
  • 1 eXact® Strip Micro (486629-50) Cadmium
  • 1 eXact® Strip Micro NO2 (486623-50) Nitrite
  • 1 eXact® Strip Micro NO3 (486655-50) Nitrate
  • 1 eXact® Strip Micro NH3 (483343-MK) Ammonia
  • 1 Mini Dilution Kit (487202)
  • 1 Mixing Cap
  • 1 Cell Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Plastic Carrying Case (486001)