Fire Retardant Mesh

Mesh shade cloth with flame resistance

Shadecloth has the following flame retardant performance.

Flame retardant performance

AS1530 Part 2

Flammability 1, Spread Factor 0, Heat Factor, 1

AS1530 Part 3

Ignitability 13, Spread Of Flame 2 Heat Evolved 2, Smoke 5

NFPA 701


California State Fire Marshall



UVR protection properties and fire resistance


Product tensile performance


Physical properties

Composition: Virgin HDPE

Construction: 16 gauge mono yarn and tape

Weight: 320gsm +/-15 gsm (5%)

Roll Width: 300cm

Roll Length: 32m, (50m, special order)

The data is guideline data and can change without notice. Buyers need to independently test and determine the suitability of the material for their application.