Agricultural and industrial tanks

We supply a range of modular agricultural and industrial tanks. The Center Enamel brand has an international footprint and experience in a wide rage of specialist tank requirements. The tanks are a material called glass fused steel (GFS).

GFS Tanks Advantages :
• Short Installation Time: prefabricated, rapid and simple
• Low Capital Investment: very low maintenance cost
• 30 Years Service Life: superior corrosion resistance
• Attractive Appearance: color can be customized
• Quality Control: according to international standards
• Flexibility: re-model, extend, dismantle and relocate

See this document that illustrates the range an capabilities of this tank brand manufacturer. Center Enamel Tanks.


Water storage in Australia
Water storage in Australia



The types of tank storage projects implemented by Center Enamel includes waste water tanks, sewage treatment, biogas and fermentation tanks, landfill leachate, potable water storage (drinking water), water purification tanks, MBR (MBBR) tanks and palm oil wastewater tanks.

MBBR tank 1155m3
MBBR tank 1155m3