Aeration Diffusers& Hose

Air Hose (air tubing, air pipe, air line), aeration diffusers and accessories

Numerous hose options from food-grade hose to mining hose are available.

We supply bulk rolls of aquarium/fish tank air hose. This high quality plastic tube is suitable for fresh and salt water. The air tube remains flexible for years.

We supply clear PVC hose in various diameters.

  • J01A02: 4.2mm ID, 6.2mm OD this wall professional/industrial/aquaculture hose, available per meter and per roll, 390m/roll.
  • J01A01-t: 4mm ID, thin wall air hose for general use, good quality, available per 100m roll and per meter
  • 8, 10, 12 mm ID, thin and thick wall clear PVC and other hoses

See other hose options (different materials and hosepipe diameters)

See also our PVC section for ball valves.

Air Stones, diffuser pipes and air taps

Air stones

We have an air stone price list. Please email us at Ecotao and we will send you the current stock price list.

Omega Air-Stone Sintered:

These airstones are made under high temperature and have a strong structure. These air stones are very hard and do not break easily.

  • K01I01: 5/8” x 7/8”: 100pcs/box and sold individually.
  • K01IO2: 6/8” x 2”: 100pcs/box and sold individually.
  • K01108: 6/8” x 1 1/4”: 100pcs/box and sold individually.
80, 10 cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm diameter air diffusers
Large trapezoid air stones. Heavy duty construction.
Golf ball air stones (50mm diameter).