Fogger 5600

5600 universal ULV sprayer

5600 universal ULV sprayer for farm disinfection, pest control, plant protection, stored products control, etc.


  • Can produce 95% fog droplets VMD from 5-25.
  • Flow rate and fog droplets size adjustable.
  • Stainless steel chemicals tank, all parts contact with chemicals  solution is made from Teflon and Viton, better capacity for anti  corrosion.
  • Have wheel on pedestal, convenient spraying while moving.
  • Spraying direction continuously adjustable (360° horizontally, 180° vertically).
  • Automatic timer control start, stop spray fog, more safety to operator.
  • No operator hazards, through self-running operation.

Application fields:

  • Livestock, poultry house disinfection,
    Public Hygiene, odor control
  • Air disinfection
  • Mushroom production and greenhouses disinfection
  • Pest control against flying and crawling insects
  • Plant protection in Greenhouses
  • Stored products control