UV Sterilizer


UV (ultraviolet) for water treatment

We supply a range of high quality, economical Ultra violet (UV) sterilization units for water and other technology applications. UVLED (UV LED) is becoming an increasingly important technology. The UV curing industry is growing in the fields of UV-LED curing UV ink, UV adhesive UV paint, UV varnish and other UV sensitive materials. Our main focus has been UV treatment of water, but these other ultraviolet curing technologies are becoming increasingly important.

See Basic principles of ultraviolet disinfection.

Typical ultraviolet sterilizer specifications

Note that we offer a variety of options, such as stainless steel housed units, so the below is a guideline as to what is available.



Larger type installation

The below UV setup was installed at a shrimp hatchery in Saudi Arabia.

Sand filters to bag filters (50, 10 and 1 micron) to UV.

Sizing of a UV for general use


Ultraviolet sterilizer Sizing, bacteria, algae, parasite guideline

A UV sterilizer can have different target organisms. For a koi pond is will be to lower all life – algae, bacteria, fungi and viruses – passing through the ultraviolet sterilizer. The percentage kill in this case will be low, perhaps below 50%, but constant recycling of water through the UV sterilizer has an impact.

Other systems, like a hatchery for fish or shrimp will filter the water to a high level (1 micron filters) and then send the clean water through the ultraviolet sterilizer for a much higher level of sterilization.