Expanded Mesh


Expanded metal mesh

Expanded metals are manufactured in mild steel, Aluminium,  3CR12, 304 stainless steel, brass, copper and a galvanised material. Expanded metals can be cut to size to eliminate  wastage, or supplied as standard panels.

Flattened expanded mesh is “cold rolled” to flatten after the mesh has been expanded. Up to 20% of thickness can be lost in the rolling process.

Mesh specification and description


Specification Sketch

SWD: short way diamond

LWD: long way diamond

STRAND WIDTH: length of the metal used to produce on strand

STRAND THICKNESS: plate thickness

SWO: short way opening

LWO: long way opening


Flattened mesh


The mesh diamond orientation is also important.

Flattened mesh table for available standard mesh sizes


General expanded mesh specification


Walkway grating of expanded mesh

Loads and capacities (kg/m2; kilogram per square meter)