Brush cutters garden tool


These Brushcutters will meet your expectations regardless if you are facing rough grass, weeds, small bushes or brushwood. Suitable for all kinds of tough work and is perfect to cut lawn, low grown grass, weeds, little dense turf. Also called grass trimmers and hedge trimmers, brush cutting is an efficient method for controlling excess plant foliage growth.

BD Brushcutter


The BD range of Semi-Pro Brushcutters is designed for durability and comfort.

They feature a Walbro Carburettor, Industrial Air filter, Heavy Duty shaft and gearbox for durability.

They are also supplied with a quick release ERGO handle and Double  shoulder front release harness. The special harness makes it a durable  and comfortable multi-gender unit to use all day with added stability  enabling a better ability to trim flat and pivot-arc the machine


CG Brushcutter


The CG range of DIY Brush cutters is designed for cost effective use.  They feature Hardy Handle, Re-washable Air filter, Generic shaft and  gearbox for interchangeability. They are also supplied with a std  Shoulder harness and tool kit.


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