Side Channel Blowers


Side channel blowers (also called ring blowers, regenerative blowers, Vortex blowers and sometimes even turbine blowers) are the first choice for applications requiring large volumes of clean, dry air at moderate pressures and vacuums (< 1Bar). We supply the Goorui brand of regenerative blower.

Goorui side channel blowers

Please visit our online store to purchase from a select range of stocked regenerative side channel blowers.

Goorui brand side channel regenerative blowers come from Dongguan Foershen Intelligent M&E Co ltd, an
ISO9001 company, with nearly 72 production technology patents and a long-life, high quality product.

We stock single stage (1R) and double stage (2R) (GHBH models) side channel blowers; single stage for high air flow and multi stage for high pressure (GHBG models). The regenerative action of multi-stage air blowers with two or more impellers enables more air or pressure for the same kilowatt of energy input. The South African-suited blower motors are 50Hz, IP54 F class, CE, and are RoHs certified.

Goorui blowers also offers special customized series and tailor-made products including PCB acid and alkali resistant solution, anti corrosion blower and anti explosion or explosion proof air blowers (ATEX, explosion-proof).

Side channel blowers can also function as vacuum pumps or vacuum blowers. They can generate significantly higher pressures than industrial fans. They are used for both vacuum and pressure applications. A side channel blower generates lower air flow than, for example, centrifugal fans, but delivers over a wide air pressure range. They are a low noise choice (compared to positive displacement blowers).

Factors to consider for blower selection are mainly on the discharge side include outlet pipe diameter and distance, bends and elbows, application (such as medium viscosity (e.g. water) & depth), altitude and air release nozzles or release mechanism.

On the intake side, blocked air filters can affect the blower delivery.

Goorui side channel blower curves

Ecotao will select an air blower from the below curves according to your specific need and application. 100mbar is the same as aerating to one meter of water.

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Two stage versus single stage blowers

The “2R” coded blowers are two-stage blowers. They have two impellers, that enable the blower to maintain pressure over a wider pressure range. A two stage blower is more efficient at higher pressure ranges compared to a similar kilowatt single phase blower. Two-stage regenerative blowers deliver more pressure or vacuum than a single-stage blower of the same kilowatt – at  the generally used upper end of their performance curve. Open the Series 7 range of blowers and compare the performance of the various 2.2kw blowers. Above 150mbar pressure, the 2R7 outperforms every other blower on this chart, so it the the range we tend to stock.

The various air pressure conversions are from the site,

millibars [= hPa]
pascals [Pa]
kilopascals [kPa]
megapascals [MPa]
inches of water
mm of water
inches of mercury
mm of mercury
feet of water
kg / cm2
pound/inch2 [psi]