RO-100I Reverse Osmosis


Model No.: RO-100I(300L-H)

Capacity of pure water:

300 L/H 25

General power:

1.47 KW

Electrical power:

9.6 A 220 V 50 Hz

RO membranes:

ESPA4040 2items(2 grades)

Capper pump made in America:

2539 1 item

Beforehand filter:

200x800x1.2 3 items

PP sediment membranes filter:

200x500x1.2 1 item

Booster pump:

BJZ037 KW 1 item

Active carbon filter:

18 Kg

Quartz sand filter:

30 Kg


RO membrane with auto wash and manual wash. RO membrane wash use sterilizer in machine. Pure water height water level auto stop, low water level. Auto run, multi-level pump. Zero water protection. All kinds of protection: no power, poor power, short circuit, larger electric current.

Size (mm):