Waterfall Brand Blowers

LP100 blower

LP range air pump diaphragm type blower with low noise

These single-phase (220 volt, 50Hz) diaphragm air blowers deliver air efficiently in the range 30cm to 3.5 meters of water. Typical uses are for fish ponds and tanks, small aquaculture applications, hydroponics and aquaponics and various small water treatment and sewage processing applications.

– Very quiet – uses electromagnetic linear diaphragm technology
– Cast aluminium body
– Voltage/Wattage: 240V / 100W
– Automatic thermal cut-out overload protection
– Cable length: 1.5m
– Max pressure: 0.042 MPa / 0.42 bar / 420 mbar / 4.2 m H2O
– Max air output: 8400L/hr (140 litre per minute)
– Air pump outlet diameter: 20mm
– Rated IPX4 (meaning – Should be placed in a low dust environment but will tolerate rain and light sprinkling)
– Must be set-up above the water level or fitted with check valve (eg Valterra)
– Maximum water depth for placed air stones: 4.0m
– Supplied with a plastic 33 outlet 44mmID manifold to suit 4mm – 8mm silicon air line
– Air Pump dimensions: 270mm (L) x200mm (W) x230mm (H)
– Weight: Air Pump, 6.6kg. Cartoned pump: 7.31kg
– 100 LPM. Max pressure: 0.042 MPa / 0.42 bar / 420 mbar / 4.2 m H2O

Blower curves

LP-blower-curvesThe LP type diaphragm blower cover a useful range between 40 lpm and 120 liters per minute in ponds up to 1.5m depth. The LP 100 can deliver air to over 3 meters deep if required.
At 4.5 meters the LP100 cannot deliver air;
At 4 meters, the LP60 cannot deliver air and as per its code, at typical depths of 1.5 meters (total pressure losses), will deliver 60 liters per minute of air.

LP diaphragm blower models