Laboratory Cabinets

Industrial storage cabinets

For many industrial and laboratory applications, specialized storage cabinets are required. Ecotao supplies a range of industrial cabinets.

Storage Cabinets



Clothing Cabinetclothing


Poison Cabinetstorage-cabinet


Glassware Cabinetglassware-cabinet


Reagent Cabinetreagent-cabinet


Acid resistant Cabinet


acid-base cabinet
Cabinet for acids and bases.

Fire Cabinetfire-cabinets


Fraser Gas cylinder cabinet

Gas cylinder cabinet
Gas cylinder cabinet

Laminar Flow Cabinetlaminar-flow-cabinet

Fraser explosion proof cabinet

Explosion proof cabinet
Explosion proof cabinet

Fraser medical utensil & medicine cabinet

medical utensil cabinet
medical utensil cabinet

Fraser moisture cabinet

moisture cabinet
moisture cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinet