Test & Measurement

Test and measuring equipment

Brand meters of high quality and reputation

We have a selection of brand meter under the category of testing and measurement. The main brand here, that covers many types of testing is the Extech range of testing meters.

  • Extech – testing meters covering most industries and environmental testing

As Ecotao is a water-related specialist, we also supply meters for the water testing industries.

  • Eutech – water quality meters
  • Milawauke – all water testing industries
  • eXact (Sensafe) – cost effective photometric testing of water parameters
  • XS meters –  a new European brand of water quality meters
  • Lamotte – test kits for most water parameters
  • Hygiena – meters for bacterial and microbiological testing in processing and other facilities requiring a high level of hygiene

In general, many of the below “Product categories” and “Popular Products” are ex-stock South Africa. Please email us to request literature, specifications and a quotation on any of the below equipment. This instrumentation comprises a range of different brands with good support within South Africa.

We supply the full Extech instrument range.

3 Phase motor trouble shooting kit.

Product categories

Environmental :

Process :

Electrical :

Air Velocity Transmitter

Controllers On/Off

Ammeter (Digital)

Anemometers – Cup

Data Loggers Multichannel

Data Loggers Multichannel

Barometric Pressure Transmitter

Dew Point Transmitter

Data Loggers Power & Energy

CO2 Meter with alarm output

Event / Status Recorders

Kilowatt Hours

CO2 Transmitter

Humidity Transmitters

Maximum Demand

Data Loggers


Power Meter – Single Phase

Data Loggers – Wireless

Infrared Temperature Sensors

Volt Meter (Digital)

Data Loggers – SMS Alarming

Level Transmitters (Submersible Pressure)


Dew Point Transmitter

Melt Pressure Controller


Humidity Recorder

Melt Pressure Transducer


Humidity Transmitter

Melt Thermocouple


Light Transmitters

Panel Meters


Meteorological Probes

Pressure Transmitters



Pressure Gauge – Digital


Rainfall Logger

Process Recorders


Rain Gauge – Tipping Bucket

Production Recorders


SMS Alarming

Submersible Pressure Transmitters


Temperature Recorder

Temperature Indicator


Temperature Transmitters

Thermocouple Data Logger


Weather Logger

Vacuum Gauge – Digital


Weather Sensors

Vacuum Transmitter


Weather Station

Vibration Transmitter


Wind Speed Alarm


Wireless Data Logging System


Some Popular Products


    CO2 Meter

    Digital Indicators

    Hardness Testers (Metals)

    Hot Wire anemometer

    Laser Distance Meters

    LED Light Meter

    mA Data Logger

    Mini Data Loggers

    Min/Max Thermometers

    Power & Energy Data Logger

    Solar Radiation Meter


    V + A Data Logger

    Vane Anemometers

    Vibration Testers

    Weather Stations

    Wireless Data Logging


Portable Products



    Coating Thickness Gauge

    Conductivity Meters

    Durometers (Rubber Hardness)

    Force Gauges

    Humidity Transmitters


    Infrared Thermometers

    pH Meters

    Pressure Data Logger

    Pressure Test Pumps

    Pressure Transmitters

    Sound Level Meters

    Surface Profile Gauge

    Thickness Testers

    SMS Alarm Data Loggers

Additional portable products, mostly ex-stock South Africa

Environmental :

Process :

Inspection / NDT :

Electrical :

Altimeter (Relative Altitude)

Anemometers – Pitot Tube

Borescopes – Video

Clamp Adapter

Anemometers – Vane


Cap Torque Tester

Data Loggers Multichannel

Anemometers – Pocket

Conductivity Meter – Portable

Coating Thickness Meters

Data Loggers Power & Energy

Anemometers – Hot Wire

Conductivity Meter – Bench Top

Concrete Test Hammer

Data Loggers Single AC V+A


Data Loggers – mA Process

Distance Meter (Laser)

Earth Leakage Tester

CO2 Meter

Data Loggers – Multichannel

Dry Film Thickness Gauge


CO Meter

Data Loggers – Pressure

Durometer – Shore A & D


Data Loggers – Standalone

Data Loggers – Thermocouple

Force Gauges


Data Loggers – Wireless

Data Loggers – PT100

Hardness Testers – Metals


Data Loggers – SMS Alarm

Dew Point Meter

Hardness Testers – Rubber/Plastics


Dew Point Meter

Dissolved Oxygen

Holiday Detector


Heat Stress Meter

Event/Status Recorders

Inspection Camera (mini)


Humidity Recorder

Infra-red Thermometer

Leak Detector – Ultrasonic



Manometers – Digital

Microscope – Digital USB


Light Meters

mA Source

Porosity Detector


Light Meter – LED specific

mA Data Logger

Roughness Testers


Light Meters UVA/B/C

pH/ORP Meters – Portable

Screw Cap Torque Tester


Lux Meter

pH/ORP Meters – Bench Top

Spark Tester (Holiday)



Pressure – Data Logger

Stethoscope (Electronic)


Moisture Meter – Concrete

Pressure Gauge – Digital



Moisture Meter – Grains

Pressure – Hand Test Pumps

Surface Profile Gauge


Moisture Meter – Wood

Production Recorders



Noise Meter

PT100 Data Logger

Thickness Testers (ultrasonic)


Pressure – Absolute

Simulator – PT100

Thickness Gauge



TDS Meter – Portable

Torque Testers


Rainfall Logger

TDS Meter – Bench Top

Vibration Meters


RF Field Strength Meter

Temperature Probes – Type K


Solar Radiation Meter

Thermocouple Data Logger


Sound Meter

Thermometer – Infra-red


Temperature Recorder

Thermometer – Thermocouple



Thermometer – PT100


Weather Logger

Vacuum Gauge – Digital


Weather Station

Vacuum – Hand Test Pumps


WBGT Meter


Testing Equipment range

Test Equipment from Leading Manufacturers


AC Leakage Current Testers
AC Millivoltmeters
AC Power Meters
AC Power Sources
AC Power Supplies
A/C Service Equipment
Air Flow Meters
Air Quality Meters
Air Velocity Meters
Analog Distribution Amplifiers
Analog Extenders
Analog Multimeters
Analog Oscilloscopes
Analog Routing Switchers
Analytical Balances
Antennas (EMC Broadband)
Appliance Power Analyzer
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
ATF Exchangers
Audio Analyzers
Audio Extractors
Audio Converters
Audio Generators/Oscillators
Audio Impedance Meter
Audio Level Meters
Audio Test Equipment
Audio Volume Levelers
Automotive Multimeters


Battery Capacity Analyzers
Battery Eliminators
Battery Testers
Benchtop Multimeters
Brake Flush Equipment
Butt Sets


Cable and Pipe Locators
Cable Directional Couplers
Cable Drum Reels
Cable Fault Finders
Cable Height Meters
Cable Modem Analyzer
Cable Service Testers
Cable Port Splitters
Cable Testers (Network)
Cable Tracers
Calibration Chambers
Calibration Instruments
Carbon Dioxide Meters
Carbon Monoxide Meters
Cases (Protective)
CATV Analyzers
CATV Signal Level Meters
CCTV Testers
Charging Modules/Scales
Charging Jackets
Chemical/Gas Leak Detectors
Circuit Breaker Identifiers
Clamp Meters
Clamp-On Testers
Cleaning Rods
Coating Hardness Tester
Coating Thickness Tester
CO Meters
CO2 Meters
Color Truth Products
Coolant Exchangers
Combustible Gas Detectors
Combustion Analyzers
Combustion Meters
Combustion Oil Service Kits
Communication Service Monitor
Component Testers
Compression Connectors
Conductivity Meters
Conductivity Testers
Continuity Testers
Console Control Panel
Current Calibrators
Current Clamps
Current Measurement Probes
Current Sensors
Current Transformers


Data Acquisition/Switch Units
Data Loggers
Datacom Testers
Datacom Tools
DC Power Supplies
Deadweight Testers
Decade Boxes
Desoldering Stations
Desoldering Irons
Desoldering Replacement Tips
Dielectric Analyzer
Digital Cable Analyzer
Digital Distribution Amplifiers
Digital HDMI Transmitter
Digital IC Testers
Digital Manifolds
Digital Multimeters / DMMs
Digital Pressure Gauges
Digital Routing Switchers
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
Digital Switchboards
Digital Thermometers
Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Distance Meter
Down Converters
Drum Machines
Dry Block Calibrators
Dual-Channel Seamless Switcher
Dye Leak Detectors



Earth Ground Testers
EC Testers
Educational Toys
Educational Trainers
Electrical Probes
Electrical Safety/Hipots
Electrical Testers & Kits
Electromagnetic Field Meters
Electronic Loads
Electronic Submeters
Electronic Training Systems
EMF Spectrum Analyzers
Energy Assessment & Auditing Kits
Environmental Testers
EPROM Erasers
EPROM Programmers
ESD Awareness Training
ESD Control Packaging
ESD and Static Control
ESD Control Worksurfaces


Fiber Optic Adapters
Fiber Optic Power Meters
Fiber Optic Sources
Fiber Optic Equipment (Misc.)
Field Communicator
Field Indicators
Field Strength Meters
Flow Batchers
Flow Computers
Flow Meters
Fluid Dispensers
Force Gauges
Format Converters
Frequency Calibrators
Frequency Counters
Fruit Hardness Testers
Fume Extraction


Garden Instruments
Gas Analyzers/Testers
Gas/Chemical Leak Detectors
Gas Sniffers
Gauss Meters
Gravity Testers
Ground Resistance Testers
Grounding – Personnel


Hand Tools
Hand Pumps
Hand Spinners
Hand Held Convention Tool
Hardness Testers
Heat Guns
HEPA Vacuums Cleaners
Hermetic Compressor Analyzer
HDMI-DVI Transmission Systems
High Voltage Probes
Hipot Testers
Hot Air Stations
Humidity/Temperature Meters
Humidity/Temperature Transmitters
HVAC Products
Hydraulic Deadweight Tester


IC Testers
Illuminated Magnifiers
Impedance Analyzers
Infrared Tachometers
Infrared (IR) Thermometers
Infrared Windows
Inline Monitors
Input Expansion Switchers
Inspection Mirrors
Inspection Camera
Inspection Monitors
Insulation Testers
iPhone/Ipad Attachments
Isolation Meters
Isolation Transformers


kWh Meters


LAN Test Tools
Laser Distance Meters
Laser Sources
LCD Monitors
LCR Bridges/Meters
Leak Detectors (Gas/Chemical)
Leak Detectors (Microwave)
Leak Detectors (Ultrasonic)
Leakage Current Tester (AC)
Light Meters
Lightning Detectors
Light Sources
Line Impedance Stabilization Network
Line Splitters
Linemen’s Test Sets
Lip Sync Correctors
Load Bank, DC Resistive
Logic Analyzers
Logic and Pulser Probes
Loop Calibrators
Loss Testers
Lux Meters


Mechanical Balances
Medical Task Lights
Memory Module Testers
Microwave Leakage Detector
Milliamp Calibrators
Milli-Gauss Meters
Modbus TCP Converter
Modular Systems
Module Calibrators
Module Carriers
Moisture Meters
Monitors, LCD
Motor/Transformer Testers
MPEG Analyzers
MPEG Generators
MPEG Monitors
Multi-Format Video Monitoring Units
Multi-format Video Scaler Switchers
Multifunction Boards
Multifunction Calibrators
Music on Hold


Network Cable Testers
Network Troubleshooting
Nitrogen Sources
Nitrogen Equipment
Noise Dosimeter
Noise Generator (PLC)
Non-Contact Thermometers
Non-Contact Voltage Detectors


Octave Band Analyzer
Oil Service Kits
Oil Test Sets
On-Hold Adaptors
Optical Channel Checkers
Optical Power Meters
Optical Talk Set
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
ORP Testers
Oscilloscopes, All
Oscilloscopes, Analog
Oscilloscopes, Digital
Oscilloscopes, Virtual
Oscilloscope Probes
Oxygen Analyzer


Panel Meters
Particle Counter
Phase Rotation Testers
Phase Sequence Testers/Indicators
pH Meters
pH Testers
Pressure Fittings
Pipe Inspection Systems
Plumbing Inspection Tools
Plumbing Transmitters
Pneumatic Deadweight Tester
Portable Data Station
Portable Spectrum Analyzers
Portable Transistor Tester
Power Analyzers (AC/Utility)
Power-and-Energy Meters
Power Clamp Meters/Analysts
Power/Pressure Gauges
Power Line Communication Testers (PLC)
Power Meters
Power Quality Meters
Power Sensors
Power Steering Fluid Exchangers
Power Supplies (AC)
Power Supplies (DC)
Power Supplies (AC/DC)
Power Supply Spectrum Tube
Power Usage Meters
Precision Impedance Analyzers
Pressure Calibrators
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Meters
Pressure Modules
Pressure Pumps
Pressure Transmitters
Probes, Logic and Pulser
Probes (Oscilloscope)
Process Meters
Process Monitors
Portable Video Monitors
Protective Cases
PSI Meters
Pulse Generators


Rain Gauges
Radiation Detection Meters
Radio Frequency Generator
Radio Kits and Training Courses
Receptacle Testers
Time Domain Reflectometers
Refrigerant Leak Detectors
Refrigerant Recovery
Refrigerant Meters
Refrigerant Scales
Refrigerant Tanks
Resistance Testers – Surface
Resistance Electrometers
Return Path Pilot Generators
Rework Stations
Rework Replacement Tips
RF Power Meters
RF Signal Strength Analyzer
RF Spectrum Analyzers
RH Dataloggers/Transmitter
RTD Calibrators


Satellite Meters
Seamless Switchers
Sectional Drain Cleaning Machines
Scan Converters
SDI/Composite Cable Detector
Signal Conditioners
Signal Level Meters – TV/CATV/SAT
Signal Temperature Multi-Scanner
SIMM Testers
Signal Conditioning
Single Format Video Scaler Switchers
Sink Machines
Solderless Breadboard Expansion Units
Solderless Breadboard Workstations
Soldering Equipment
Soldering Stations
Soldering Irons
Sonde Cable Locators
Sound Level Meters
Spectrum Analyzers
Standards Converters
Static Control
Static Field Meter
Stick Meters
Surface Roughness Testers
Superheat/Subcooling Meters
Switching Mainframes
Sync Pattern Generators


Task Lights / Lamps
TDS Testers
Telephone Line Simulators
Telephone Test Sets
Temperature Calibrators
Temperature Controllers
Temperature Meters
Temperature Recorders
Temperature Referance Meter
Test Pattern Generator
Test Standards Converters
Thermal Imagers
Thermocouple Calibrators
Thickness Testers
Time Base Correctors
Time Domain Reflectometers
Tone & Probe Test Sets
Tone Generators
Torque Meters
Toys and Educational Kits
Tool Kits
Trainers and Training Courses
Transmitter Simulators
TV/Monitor Signal Generators


Ultrasonic Leak Detectors
Ultrasound Distance Meters
Ultrasound Thickness Gauges
Universal Device Programmers
Universal Digital Counters
Universal Digital Meters
Universal Gang Programmer
Universal Video Scaler/Seamless Switcher
Underground Cable and Pipe Locators
Utility Locators
Utility Transmitters


Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Gauges
Vacuum Pumps
Valve Locators
Valves and Vernies
Vector Scopes
Vibration Meter
Vibration Sensors
Video Encoders
Video/Audio Monitoring Units
Video Inspection Systems
Video Scalers
Video Test Charts
Video Test Equipment
Video Test Pattern Generator
Voltage & Continuity Testers
Voltage Calibrators
Voltage Detectors (Non-Contact)
Voltage Indicators
Volume Contollers


Water Jetters
Water Leakage Indicator
Water Quality Meters
Watt Meter
Waveform Rasterizers
Waveform Monitors
Wavelength Light Sources
Weather Stations
Weighing Scales and Balances
Wind Meters
Wire & Valve Locator
Wire Solder
Wire Tracers (Network)

Other products

Refractometers for all models with out ATC
Hand Refractometer for all models with ATC ( automatic temperature compensation)
Bench Top Digital Refractometer, LDR400 BRIX 45.0-95.0%, REFRACTIVE INDEX 1.4098-1.5318, Honey Moisture 12.0-30%
Bench Top Digital Refractometer various ranges and models (e.g. salinity, Serum Protein etc)
Handheld Digital Refractometer (e.g. Urine SP.G. 1.000-1.050 Serum P. 0-12 Refractive Index 1.3330-1.3900)
Automotive Digital Battery coolant Refractometer
ABBE Refractometer
Digital ABBE Refractometer – various models
Disc Polarimeter
Fruit Hardness Tester – various models
Visible spectrophometer
Flame spectrophometer
Infrared spectrophometer
Infrared thermometer – various models
Infrared Thermometer with Probe
Food Thermometer
Digital Thermometer
High Precision Thermo-Hygrometer
Humidity and Thermometer
Weather Station – various models
Digital Thermo Hygrometer Pen
Thermal Hygrometer – various models
Temperature Recorder
Dew point Meter – various models
Maximum and Minimum thermometer – various models
Digital Thermometer
Grain Moisture meter  – various models
Multifunctional Moisture Meter – various models
Wood Moisture Content Meter – various models
Paper Moisture Meter series – various models
Accurate Nutrient Conductivity Meter
Soil Hardness Tester
Soil Sampler
Soil Tension meter
Soil PH and Moisture Meter
Soil PH and Humidity Meter
Anemometer – various models
Sound Level Meter – various models
Lux meter – various models
Leaf Chlorophyll meter
Spoon scale for weighing
Plastic Digital Caliper
Digital Protractor
Digital Angle Meter
Ultrasonic Distance Meter
Laser Liner
Digital Laser Distance Meter
High accuracy Alcohol Meter, breathalyzer