Engineering raw materials and custom products

Ecotao Enterprises has overlap into various industries, such as in the use of graphite products.

Graphite products can be custom-made to drawing specifications or supplied as raw materials for factory or industrial applications.

Applications range from crucibles (to around 1500℃), material used in high temperature industries like steel (refining, continuous casting), graphite felts for heat insulation applications, heat treatment vacuum furnaces, etc.

CFC products can be used to produce the parts for the aerospace industry, like brake of the airplanes, but mainly according to customer drawings.

Another use is graphite electrodes used for electric arc furnaces to produce the steel from iron scraps.


As a new product range for us, products are currently imported on order.

Graphite felts and boards


Uses are for example, battery felts.

Graphite blocks


Materials include isostatic, vibrated, moulded and extruded graphite. Moulded graphite is an economical alternative to isostatic graphite.

Carbon composites (CFC)


C-C composite or carbon-carbon composite material ( CFC ) is carbon  fiber and their fabric reinforced carbon matrix composite. It has the  advantages of low density (<2.0g / cm3), high strength, high specific modulus, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, good  friction performance, good thermal shock resistance and high dimensional stability. It is one of the alternative materials in the applications  above 1650 Celsius, the highest theoretical temperature is up to 2600 Celsius.  Carbon carbon composite is considered one of the most promising high  temperature materials.

Although carbon carbon composites  have excellent high temperature performance, they are oxidized in  aerobic environment at temperatures above 400° C, resulting in a sharp  drop in material properties. Therefore, oxidative protective measures  need to be taken in the application of carbon composites in high  temperature aerobic environments.

Other applications are graphite seal parts with metal or resin (bushes, bearings and parts) due to its light, heat resistant and corrosion resistant properties.

Carbon fiber



Carbon fibre is used in industries such as aerospace, aviation, automobile and sports equipment (including bicycles).

Graphite electrodes


The application of three-phase six and nine or twelve GHP electrode for  large submerged arc furnace can meet the production of more than  40000kVA submerged arc furnace.

Machining systems to produce high quality extruded 600-800mm graphite electrodes is available.