Dissolved Ozone In Water

Dissolved ozone in water meters

DO3 Dissolved Ozone Monitor


  • DO3 by Eco Sensors (a division of KWJ Engineering) is a rapid, simple to use device for checking the ozone concentration in water and is  calibrated in mg/L (same as parts-per-million by volume in water).  This small, battery-operated detector offers an inexpensive alternative to  more costly inline monitors and requires no disposable reagents.  DO3 is a practical, versatile detector for applications where the user needs  to confirm that a system is ozonating the water, but does not need the  accuracy and high cost of complicated analytical, inline dissolved  ozone meters.
  • Specifications:
    • Size: 3.13 x.1.56 x 1.36 inches (79.5 x 39.6 x 34.5 mm)
    • Weight: < 2 ounces (49 grams)
    • Range: 0.00 – 2.00 mg/L (ppm in water by weight), display indicates to 5.00 ppm, accuracy above 2 ppm is not implied
    • Recommended water temp: 20 – 30 C (68 – 86 F)
    • Operating Temp: 0 to 40 C (32-105 F)
    • Accuracy: Within 20% when operated near room temperature.
    • Response Time: 5 minutes to take final reading, but >90% value available on display after 3 minutes.
    • Alarms: Buzzer
    • Sampling Method: Gaseous Diffusion
    • Interferences: Dissolved Chlorine
    • Display: Digital LCD in increments of 0.01
    • User Interface: Single button
    • Tests: Self-Test on startup checks circuitry, alarms, battery, and operating temperature.
    • Calibration: Recommended at least 1x per year, or whenever accuracy of reading is critical.
    • Sensor: Transducer Technology T-Series electrochemical (3ET1PO3)
    • Battery Information: Battery check on startup and during operation. User replaceable CR2450 coin battery.
    • Warranty: Instrument, including sensor: One year. Does not include battery.