Water Baths

Laboratory Water baths

waterbathsWaterbaths are available in various sizes such as 14, 34 and 40 liter.

Bath interior made from high grade 304 stainless steel.

Download the general laboratory water bath range that is available: laboratory water baths. This includes heatable baths, suitable for water or oil applications, with built-in incoloy heating elements and for a heating range from 10 to 199 degrees Celsius. Also withing this range is the metabolic shaking water bath suited to flasks from 50ml to 1000ml.

metabolic shaking waterbath
metabolic shaking waterbath

See also, the laboratory circulator with heating capacity and cooling baths: Cooling baths 10 & 20 liter.

Units accommodate standard circulators, height  adjusters and lids.

Accessories include digital circulators, adjustable waterbath height reducer and lids. These water baths and accessories are ideally suited to all general laboratory applications. All baths together with the
optional accessories are designed to be used with the Model 103 circulators.

Polycarbonate waterbaths


Water Bath with: Thermostatic heating assembly

Transparent polycarbonate reservoir lets you keep samples in clear view

Perforated tray

Temp. range: from slightly above ambient to +100°C

Accuracy: approx ±0.3°C at 37°C

Bath Capacity:30 liter

Inside Dimensions: W32xD51xH18cm

External size:W38XD66XH24 cm

2000 Watt/ 1500 Watt at 120V

Fast-Acting thermostat also serves as low-water-level protector, preventing heating-element burn-out and fire hazard.

Robust and reliable – designed for years of trouble-free service.

MRC Lab water batch WBS-D-SERIES
MRC Lab water batch WBS-D-SERIES